Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

From January 01, 2023, Siemens Mobility is obliged to implement the requirements of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (SCDDA or LkSG). The SCDDA places requirements on companies to manage their supply chains responsibly, including their own business operations.


Siemens Mobility has ensured that comprehensive due diligence obligations for human rights and (selected) environmental matters are established. The due diligence precautions of Siemens AG including the corresponding documents also apply for Siemens Mobility worldwide.


Siemens Mobility therefore refers to the policy statement published by Siemens AG pursuant to § 6 (2) LkSG as well as to the also by Siemens AG published complaint procedures pursuant to § 8 (2) LkSG. These documents are available on the global website


Complaints pursuant to §8 LkSG on incoming or potential violations of human rights or environmental in connection with Siemens Mobility’s own operating activities or suppliers of Siemens Mobility can be communicated via the already provided reporting channels ‘Tell us’ and/or the Siemens Ombuds person.