The ProjektPortal is an internet collaboration platform for business partners to access SMO internal projects and applications.

It is available via common web browsers and internet access every time, from everywhere worldwide.

In the ProjektPortal you will find access to

  • Projects (former BPC File Exchange)
  • Siemens internal application
  • VMWare Horizon
  • Terminal Server 

External users initially need to create a Microsoft account in our environment. An eMail with guidance will be sent once you are invited.


With the migration of the ProjektPortal and new login method via Microsoft MFA the authentication to cFolders has changed as well. However, this is hardly noticeable for the user, as a SingleSignOn was again made possible. In the background nothing has changed about cFolders itself. There is still the same environment with the same access rights.

So you log in to the new ProjektPortal, switch to the applications via the main navigation on the left and click on the logo of cFolders to start the application.

Dear ProjektPortal user,


from today on this is the starting page of the new ProjektPortal. Welcome!

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

E-mail (did not change):


ProjektPortal Support - Contact

If you have any issues logging in to the ProjectPortal page, please use the contact support button and answer the following questions in the email to the support team:


  1.  Did you use the following Link to the ProjectPortal Landing Page?
  2. Did the Login on this page lead you to the ProjectPortal Home Page?
    i.      If not, which error message is appearing?
  3.  Which email address do you use for logging in?

Additionally for cFolder

  1.  On the ProjectPortal Home Page, clicking on Applications in the left navigation bar and scrolling down – can you see the cFolders Icon?
  2. If you click the icon, does the application open?
    i.      If not, please contact the specifically shown person or support email at cFolder application box