Vectron Advanced Service Documentation (VASD)

The Vectron Advanced Service Documentation (VASD) is the new service documentation solution for the Vectron locomotive platform.


It enables fast, simple and digital access to the service documentation for all your Vectron locomotives. As such the VASD provides an enhanced way to access the best-in-class product documentation.

The VASD helps you to reduce maintenance costs and times as well as increasing the maintenance quality thanks to the following key features:

  • Search the entire documentation in all languages – no need to open multiple PDFs
  • Use filters to quickly display content according to maintenance measures, maintenance intervals, components, user roles etc.
  • Display lists of relevant safety information, required tools, spare parts etc. for your tasks or the entire locomotive
  • Always up to date thanks to automatic updates
  • Highlight the changes compared to the previous version
  • Access from anywhere on any device: online and offline on PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Add your most important content to a personal collection and synchronise it across all devices
  • Jump to specific VASD content from external applications thanks to a standard interface


Vectron Advanced Service Documentation: fast, simple and digital access to your specific service information: any time, anywhere.

Before you can use the VASD you need a login. These are created and managed by the VASD system administrator of your company. The login consists of:

  • User name: Your company email address
  • Password: You will receive a one-off password. If you have forgotten your password or want to change it, click “Forgot password?” on the login page.


No access?

To receive access please contact the VASD system administrator of your company.

Explanatory video Vectron Advanced Service Documentation

VASD for your locomotives


If you would like to benefit from the advantages of the VASD in your company, please contact us via mail using the contact button.