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The mobility ecosystem is evolving at a fast pace. Customer demands are changing, new technologies are emerging, and in consequence, new business models are developing. Innovative players are entering the market, disrupting the traditional role of mobility operators. The industry is moving from an individually owned transportation model to a digital Mobility as a Service (MaaS) model. Technological advancements like artificial intelligence or electric vehicles enable new, more convenient forms of transport. Therefore, mobility players today need to embrace this digital revolution and change the way they are doing business: Starting with developing new strategies, creating new digital products and services and changing their current operating model. Siemens Mobility Consulting helps mobility providers to successfully manage this digital transformation.

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Our Approach

We support decision makers of mobility players (in the rail and road, passenger and freight segments, transport authorities, municipalities, planners, infrastructure providers and operators) around the globe to uncover and realize the business potentials of digital mobility in customer experience, throughput and asset availability by matching strategy consulting with innovative digital solutions, data-driven services and analytics.

We deliver this unique value proposition via a team of management consultants on corporate level with direct access to the solution expertise of thousands of Siemens IT/OT experts and a ecosystem of consulting, planning and technology partners.

Siemens Mobility is providing an extensive solution portfolio for rail and road mobility as technology leader. We integrate this expertise and technical experts in our projects. Our global industry footprint enables us to deliver industry specific projects on a global scale.

We are strategy consultants, mobility experts and digital enthusiasts who deliver competitive advantage through data, technology and digital expertise. Our consulting work reaches from strategy development, change management, and transformation programs to process analyses and operational optimization. Furthermore we form a strategic partnership with the leading strategy consultancy.

We don’t stop at planning and discussing digital solutions. We have implementation capabilities around the globe with digitalization experts, data analysts, Railigent - our digital platform and Mindsphere - our IoT operating system. Furthermore we have a proven digitalization track record with numerous clients and form essential partnerships for rapid implementation.


Our Offering

Smart Urban Mobility Strategy

We develop digital strategies, solutions and roadmaps for improved urban (inter)modal transport and mobility management. Our Smart Urban Mobility Compass provides cities with a comprehensive view on their mobility system and derives future action areas to become a smart leader in mobility.

Passenger Experience

We support railway operators worldwide to create a best-in-class Passenger Experience. A thorough Passenger Experience assessment helps us to define a vision, strategy and implementation plan for passenger experience solutions. We prototype, assess and pilot solutions and support the transformation of your organization to a user-centric way of working.

Digital planning and operations

We support mobility providers to increase their efficiency in planning and operations driven by intelligent, integrated software solutions. We prepare our customers for the application of innovative technologies in road or rail transport and help assess the impacts on their operations.

Digital asset management

We advise our clients on their asset management and maintenance strategies driven by connectivity, monitoring, digital processes and data analytics in rail for optimal condition based maintenance. We design concepts to increase availability of rolling stock and infrastructure assets and develop action plans to optimize lifecycle costs.

Business Innovation in mobility

From vision towards implementation: We guide clients through business innovation by outlining solution landscapes, performing impact assessments and defining implementation roadmaps to make operating models ready for the digital age. Our capabilities range from business plans through feasibility studies of state-of-the-art technologies to innovative financing concepts.


Our Approach


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