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Smartly connected trip planning

When it comes to trip and route planning, travelers are relying on their smartphones more than ever. For transport companies, mobility apps represent the essential communication interfaces to their passengers and thus create individual customer retention. Travelers benefit from simple and fast route planning, innovative ticketing solutions and a smooth travel experience - across all means of transport!     

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Mobility as a Service  –  Empowering Intermodal Travel

New Mobility offerings such as sharing-services, on-demand transport or carpooling are on the rise. Used smartly they can make mobility more efficient and eco-friendly. However, they bring about complexity for all stakeholders, including riders, transit operators and municipalities. Passengers travel through a maze of transportation modes and service providers when planning, booking and paying for their trip. This is where Mobility as a Service (MaaS) comes into play: Smart applications can make it easy and convenient for all stakeholders to find their individual way through the mobility jungle. Intelligent algorithms, seamless ticketing and big data analytics make it possible. 

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Trip planning from door-to-door

With a host of innovative features, the HAFAS apps provide perfect travel companions for trips across all transport modes. Both the native app and the WebApp are constantly evolving to meet current trends, factor in new device generations, implement the latest technology across all platforms and guarantee the utmost usability. The modular system allows you to easily put together individual components. The result is a custom-made travel companion à la HAFAS – tailored to the needs of your customers and the requirements of modern sales structures.
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Situation-based mobility – Sustainable solutions 

For a long time we have associated mobility with the private car. The driving licence gave us the opportunity to get from A to B flexibly at any time. It meant almost boundless freedom - yes, happiness. But the simple equation car = freedom = happiness hardly works in the long run. Innovative mobility solutions from the Siemens Mobility family create alternatives that can be extremely helpful in an extraordinary situation like the current one impacted by Corona. 


Find out more in the special publication on "THE FUTURE OF THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY" published by Handelsblatt Journal.

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Breaking new ground with intermodal travel

From trip planning to mobile ticketing and payment, from systems for fleet management and train planning to mobility data analytics: Our intermodal solutions enable seamless transport for a sustainable future.

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With our long-standing experience in transportation and our unique technology know-how, we at Siemens Mobility are constantly developing new intelligent mobility solutions to increase the availability of infrastructure, optimize throughput, and improve the passenger experience.

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