Intermodal Data Analytics

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Analyze data, optimize transport services

With Intermodal Data Analytics you can create insights – for operations, sales and marketing. Build upon facts to optimize your mobility offer and strengthen customer loyalty.

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Travel Analytics

Exploit the full potential of your mobility offering with Travel Analytics

Transparent insights into mobility behavior in public transport are still rare and mostly created only on a random basis. Data from mobile route planners such as HAFAS offer transparency for the entire public transport network – and beyond. With Travel Analytics, you can rely on a modular construction kit for tailor-made exploitation of this data – starting from archiving and "Mobility Statistics" reaching through to targeted analyses for traffic planning and traffic management. Travel Analytics is based on the HAFAS system of HaCon, a Siemens company – the leading software specialist in Europe for planning, scheduling and information systems.

Travel Analytics delivers numerous opportunities to create added value – for operators and travelers alike

Travel Analytics enables the operator to gain a holistic and detailed insight into the performance of the transport network – in real time.
Dr. Christian Schwingenschloegl, Head of Travel Analytics at Siemens Mobility
"Big Data Calling!“

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Travel Analytics helps you to master the challenges of modern mobility planning  

Travel Analytics

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Offer maximum passenger comfort with proactive travel companions powered by MyMobility

What habits do the users of your mobility offers have? And what conclusions can you draw from user behaviour in order to optimize your services? The new MyMobility feature makes our apps even more valuable travel companions. With the help of MyMobility, you can give personalized recommendations and offer your customers an enhanced passenger experience

MyMobility is a self-learning system and thinks ahead

How does MyMobility work in everyday travel?

Laura´s mobility habits

Laura has no own car and uses public transport or car sharing to get to university. For a visit to her parents in the suburbs, Laura prefers to take the bus. For Laura, low travel costs are more important than the number of transfers or travel comfort.

How MyMobility can help Laura

Thanks to MyMobility, Laura´s travel app is also her proactive assistant on the way from A to B: In the event of a disruption on her usual tram line to university, she automatically receives a push message with an alternative route and a new departure time. So she arrives as smoothly as possible.

More features of MyMobility

On the way to her parents, Laura is reminded of the additional ticket she needs beyond the validity zone of her monthly ticket. Thanks to MyMobility, she also automatically receives suggestions for her journey home based on current weather conditions – taking into account the traffic situation in real time.  

Traveler Relationship Management

Build a strong customer relationship with Traveler Relationship Management

Use customer data for targeted marketing and effective communication with your passengers. Traveler Relationship Management (TRM) offers effective content management. TRM helps you build a stronger relationship with your passengers and better respond to their needs. In this way, you can retain your customers and ensure sustainable business success.

How do you increase the attractiveness of your offers with TRM?

Reward passengers for loyalty or draw attention to new service offers. Offer attractive special rates when you introduce new services. Say “thank you“ when customers provide you with valuable feedback.


Event-related premiums / discounts

Reward certain behaviors such as registering a new customer or using new services.


Purchase-related loyalty programs

Reward your passengers for the purchase of certain products or the purchase volume.


Staggered loyalty programs

Use playful elements (so-called gamification) to make your offer or app more interesting. Set achievable goals and make the status transparent.

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Turn your mobility data into smart data

Rely on efficient transport operations, optimum travel comfort and satisfied customers.

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