Reliable management platforms support intermodal mobility  

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Seamless connections in public transport

Reliable management platforms form the basis for intermodal mobility and offer transport companies effective solutions for smooth traffic operation. From intelligent fleet management and precise disruption management to data management and harmonization of timetables – innovative business solutions are the right companion toward a intermodal future.

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Sharepark - Smart parking solution for companies

In many cities centrally located parking spots of companies are not accessible while they would be needed. Companies can benefit from the shortage of parking space by opening parking space for public parking. Therefore, an efficient and digital parking space management is required.

Benefits for companies:

  • Dynamic allocation of parking permissions per person/group
  • Efficient billing & reporting
  • Incentivization (e.g. free reservation for commuter groups)

Benefits for parkers:

  • Real-time capacity information and reservation for parking & EV-charging
  • Automatic entering and exiting via ANPR
  • Mobile payment for parking and pay per use
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Efficient mobility management platforms

Together with our subsidiary Hacon, we provide the ideal conditions for smooth traffic operations to our customers and create the basis for Mobility as a Service.

Reliable solutions for public transport companies

Mobility Marketplace

Mobility Marketplace: The optimal platform for mobility

The Mobility Marketplace enables the integration of providers with individual mobility products and services to form a comprehensive portfolio of offerings. The platform provides the necessary information for intermodal mobility and enables transport operators to extend their range of services with multimodal and mobile services. The Mobility Marketplace is our individual answer to Mobility as a Service.

The B2B integration platform links different transportation systems and supports the integration of mobility providers on a contractual and business level. The Mobility Marketplace reduces the complexity and costs of managing multimodal services. The platform is equipped with a modular and flexible structure and as an in-the-cloud solution. It is also highly scalable.


The provision of the platform services "as a service" reduces the financial hurdles for municipalities and transport companies. Mobility providers use the Mobility Marketplace as the basis for providing their customers with multimodal services. Intermodal functions can be made available to travelers via individually designed apps and websites, or integrated into existing systems.

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Mobility as a Service  –  Empowering Intermodal Travel

New Mobility offerings, such as sharing-services, on-demand transport, or carpooling, are on the rise. Used smartly, they can make mobility more efficient and eco-friendly. However, they bring about complexity for all stakeholders, including riders, transit operators, and municipalities. Passengers travel through a maze of transportation modes and service providers when planning, booking, and paying for their trip. This is where Mobility as a Service (MaaS) comes into play: Smart applications can make it easy and convenient for all stakeholders to find their individual way through the mobility jungle. Intelligent algorithms, seamless ticketing, and big data analytics make it possible. 

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Mobility Management Platforms

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Examples of intermodal solutions and intelligent management platforms

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