The Mobility Marketplace opens access to the world of intermodal mobility

The mobile society currently often prefers to sit in a traffic jam on the road rather than in the moving train. However, the increasing demand for transport capacity can rarely be offset by the construction of new roads or railways. That's why innovative transport concepts which make it possible for travellers to use environmentally friendly public transport more often, comfortably and happily are in demand. Still, if travellers wish, they can make use of individual transport quickly and easily. The Software components of the mobility marketplace link a wire variety of public and private transport offers to create a tailored portofolio.  

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Enhance #passengerexperience

Want to provide Mobility as a Service (MaaS)? Enhance #passengerexperience: from intermodal trip planning across ticketing to booking and payment. From single components - to a comprehensive marketplace.

Product information

The Mobility Marketplace: the optimal platform for mobility

The Mobility Marketplace enables the integration of providers with individual mobility products and services to form a comprehensive portfolio of offering. The platform provides the necessary information for intermodal mobility and enables transport operators to extend their range of services with multimodal and mobile services.

The B2B integration platform links different transportation systems and supports the integration of mobility providers on a contractual and business level. The Mobility Marketplace reduces the complexity and costs of managing multimodal services. The platform is equipped with a modular and flexible structure, and as an in-the-cloud solution, it is also highly scalable.

The provision of the platform services "as a service" reduces the financial hurdles for municipalities and transport companies. Mobility providers use the Mobility Marketplace as the basis for providing their customers with multimodal services. Intermodal functions can be made available to travellers via individually designed apps and websites – or integrated into existing systems.

Passengers thus have access to all the relevant information and services for a journey from a single source: from trip planning, booking and ticketing, to real-time information while on-the-move and transparent display of completed journeys. The traveler's preferences are decisive for the choice of travel recommendations – optimising according to time or cost, the number of transfers, the relevant means of transport and much more.

As part of the ERTICO MaaS Alliance, Siemens is already working with European partners to further advance the vision of the future with flexible, efficient and sustainable mobility at the international level.


The benefits of the Mobility Marketplace at a glance

The Mobility Marketplace enables strong positioning in the mobility ecosystem
The Vision

When vision is already reality

Building on the first pilot projects in Germany, ongoing implementations worldwide make it possible to experience integrated mobility:

The integrated mobility platform for the Road and Transport Authority RTA Dubai provides easy access to various modes of transport – including taxi and limousine booking. With one of the first commercial Be-in/Be-out  solutions, the Südostbahn not only makes public transport in Switzerland even more convenient, it also provides access to complementary means of transport via its distribution platform, and thus a true alternative to personal cars. With a 'Door-to-Gate' solution, Munich Airport enables stress-free arrival at the aircraft - using the appropriate means of transport, based on individual schedules and preferences of travellers.

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Visions become reality

Examples of intermodal mobility solutions


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