Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service is not a future vision - it's already here

What is Mobility as a Service?

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms help make the most of the abundance of transport options that are available – for travelers, operators, businesses and cities alike. Satisfying the needs and wishes of all these stakeholders at once may seem like a very big task at first, but establishing a MaaS platform doesn’t need to be complicated! Thanks to modular software, a solution can be implemented without a MasS-ive amount of effort, Interested in learning more? Our report below will help you learn how our smart solutions for routing, ticketing, data, disruption and real time management as well as learning algorithms and mobility data analytics enable successful MaaS platforms. Additionally, learn how MaaS can help to support mobility strategies and how regional public transport agencies can shape MaaS decisively.


Read more about

  • The need of more efficient and eco-friendlier transport solutions
  • Integration of various transportation modes including on-demand and shared mobility
  • Intermodal travel complexity and how you can meet all stakeholders interests

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