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Smart solutions for an enhanced passenger experience

Can you imagine planning a seamless trip across various modes of transportation with the ticket you need right in your hand? Travel in the future will be even more convenient than today. Thanks to new smartphone-based ticketing options, one thing is guaranteed: No more ticket chaos and the right ticket for every purpose!

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Easiest access to the smartest ticket

XiXo.easy offers customers the ideal access to in-/out technology. Behind XiXo.easy is the

so-called CiaCo ticketing (Check-in/assisted Check-out), which is simple, smart, and – for existing customers of the Siemens subsidiary eos.uptrade – just one software update away.

  • Existing app, marketing materials, and tariffs still usable – without new registration
  • Extensive reporting, data tracking, and analysis options – data and interfaces remain in company ownership
  • Full flexibility within portfolio expansion including best price guarantee
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Our latest ticketing and payment solutions

Together with our subsidiaries Hacon, eos.uptrade and Bytemark, we offer a unique and holistic ecosystem of digital services and solutions, including a comprehensive ticketing and payment portfolio.

Connecting transit operators to the future of mobile payments

As an innovator in mobile payments, Bytemark, a Siemens company, offers easy-to-implement fare collection solutions for transit agencies to strengthen connections with their riders and upgrade the passenger experience. Join Bytemark CEO Eric Reese on the ITS Summer Webinar Series and learn how the Bytemark contactless fare systems can help to build trust for public transportation during a pandemic. Also find out how public transport will have to adapt in the future in order to provide travelers with a safe experience in a post-COVID-19 world.

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Discover the full ticketing portfolio

Integrated and easy ticketing and payment are an essential to lower the entry barriers to public transport. Due to innovative app-based ticketing solutions, new standards are set in terms of a seamless passenger experience and they are a core element when it comes to Mobility as a Service.
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Smart payment solutions enrich intermodal mobility

New York-based Bytemark, Inc., a Siemens company, is an expert in platform solutions for mobile ticketing and payment. They offer a range of customized transit products and solutions, including:

  • White-label mobile apps
  • Merchant validation back-office
  • Hardware and third-party integrations

Customers receive powerful fare validation solutions and cloud-based access to a complete back-office portal, allowing for simple management of and reporting on their operations. Bytemark provides easy-to-implement suites built around trip planning, advisories and alerts, schedules, ticketing, payments, and more.

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