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XiXo – from Check-in/Check-out to Be-in/Be-out

Passengers want to get from A to B as quickly and comfortably as possible. The options available when it comes to transport are becoming more and more diverse - but also more complex. XiXo makes it easy again and smarter than ever. The traveler doesn't need any knowledge of the fare system. The system automatically calculates the best possible price for the journey.

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Profitable partnerships: Your corporate client shop for public transport makes it possible! 

Easy access to subsidized public transport tickets are a strong incentive to increase employee and customer loyalty. eos.uptrade, a Siemens Company, delivers the individual corporate customer shop to support this.


Benefits for transport companies:                        

- New customers

- Increased ticket sales

- Extended product portfolio


Benefits for companies:

- Attractiveness for employees

- Easy payment by invoice

- Customised product range

Further informations can be found at eos.uptrade

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With XiXo – Next Gen Ticketing, transport operators can decide whether they want to start quick and easy with a Check-in/Check-out (CiCo) implementation or directly add assisted Check-out (CiaCo), automatic Be-out (CiBo), or even go for a full Be-in/Be-out (BiBo) solution. The system can flexibly adopt both existing and innovative fare systems, e.g. based on distance travelled. Thanks to machine-learning, journey construction is continuously improving. Moreover, an innovative back office with extensive analytics options is offered. Customers profit from a full end-to-end solution that can be easily advanced into a MaaS solution due to the unique portfolio delivered by the Siemens Mobility family, including HaCon, eos.uptrade & Bytemark.

Mobile Ticketing

  • Passengers select and buy the ticket themselves
  • Knowledge of the fares system required - no price optimisation
  • Reduced distribution costs due to fewer paper tickets and vending machines

Check-in/Check-out (CiCo)

  • Active check-in and check-out in the app
  • Automatic permission to travel: simple & easy
  • Automatic, optimised price calculation for journeys made within a defined period of time
  • Direct communication between smartphone and back-end

Check-in/assisted Check-out (CiaCo)

  • Active check-in and check-out
  • Automated request for check-out at corresponding position

Check-in/Be-out (CiBo)

  • Active check-in, automatic check-out (Be-out)
  • Semi-automatic recognition of the distance travelled
  • Direct communication between smartphone, beacons and back-end - optional via on-board unit

Be-in/Be-out (BiBo)

  • Fully automatic recognition of the distance travelled
  • Fast entry, exit and transfer (without having to do anything)
  • Direct communication between smartphone and beacon transmitter as well as back-end - optional via on-board unit
  • Maximum passenger comfort

XiXo – All benefits at a glance

XiXo – Next Gen Ticketing makes travelling more convenient – at lower costs

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XiXo – Next Generation Ticketing

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