Enhanced travel comfort through digitalization

Enhanced travel comfort through digitalization

In the future, mobility will be digital

Increasing digitalization will dramatically change how people move around and travel. Passenger needs are already increasing when it comes to passenger information and the range of mobility and transport services. Simply getting from point A to B is taken for granted, and static information displays seem like something from the past. Some of the expectations for the future – and to some degree even for the present – include information about the fastest route, the ability to rapidly switch between various means of transport, having constant online and mobile access to real-time information about delays and connections as well as flexible, situation-based and location-based direction displays.   Innovative technologies from Siemens offer cities, operators, and industry everything they need to respond to these challenges – with IT-based solutions for future-oriented travel comfort.

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Travel comfort

Digitalization is revolutionizing mobility

The goal is to offer passengers the optimal solution for the shortest travel time, seamless transfers to other means of transport, and up-to-date passenger information for their route. To achieve this, new mobility services such as car sharing, ride sharing, bike sharing, and shared parking need to be digitally networked with traditional services such as rail travel, public transport and private transport. In view of the ever-present Internet and all the connected mobile devices, the data exchange between the various means of transport is opening up new opportunities and business models for rail operators and mobility service providers. Innovative technologies from Siemens make all this possible.

Seamless travel comfort – by intermodal and connected solutions from door-to-door

Connecting the passenger, the operator, the train and the traffic


Discovering travel comfort


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