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Our CBTC systems helps solve the mobility challenge that many cities are facing with greater train automation in public transport. Innovative solutions are needed to make cities a better place to live. 100% punctuality, maximum network capacity, energy savings of up to 20%, while decreasing headways and ensuring the highest safety possible – that can become your reality with our CBTC (Communications-Based Train Control) solution, Trainguard MT. It’s trusted by more than 40 cities, so why wait?

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How does our CBTC solution Trainguard MT work? Let’s take a look:

Product overview

Trainguard MT – the high-performance CBTC system for maximum throughput and capacity

With cities worldwide continuing to grow and becoming more complex with rapidly increasing traffic volumes and rising passenger expectations, success for mass transit operations today is measured on factors such as safety, punctuality, and convenience – and, of course, capital and operational expenditures. With the train control system Trainguard MT, thanks to automatic train operation you can count on 100% punctuality that helps meet your capacity demands, plus you can reduce the energy consumption by up to 20% by means of optimized speed profiles.

Discover what our CBTC solution Trainguard MT solution can do for you

Trainguard MT is a versatile and modular communications-based train control system that can be customized to the railway operator’s needs. Different train control and automation levels can be implemented in both new and existing networks, depending on the requirements for performance and functionality.

Matching operator requirements for upgradable train control and automation levels

Mode of train operation
Semi-automated (STO)
Driverless (DTO)
Unattended (UTO)
Signaling block system
Continuous train control (CTC)
Moving-block operation
Intermittent train control (ITC)
Fixed-block operation
Interlocking train control (IXL)
Fixed-block operation

Increasing the Grade of Automation (GoA) step by step

Grade of automation
Level 0 – GoA 0
Level 1 – GoA 1
Level 2 – GoA 2
Level 3 – GoA 3
Level 4 – GoA 4
On-sight train operation
Non-automated train operation
STO: semi-automated train operation
DTO: driverless train operation
UTO: unattended train operation
Driver controls train manually
Driver controls train manually
Train runs automatically from station to station
No train driver necessary: attendant available for emergency situation only
No train driver or attendant necessary

Points and signals controlled by wayside signaling


Cab display indications


Continuous speed supervision    

Train driven by ATO system – driver starts the ride and can intervene at any time


Automatic stop and door opening

The train is driven and controlled fully automatically


The train is driven and controlled fully automatically


'Trainguard MT' product brochure

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CBTC for railway: Taking mass transit networks to the next level

Our intelligent and future-oriented CBTC system for mass transit railways Trainguard MT offers rail operators many advantages. Increased automation also means that the responsibility for operations management gradually shifts from drivers and dispatchers to the system – resulting in increased flexibility and control as well as improved performance, reliability and maintainability.

Take the safe route with our CBTC and benefit from:

Higher performance for increased capacity with CBTC

Trainguard MT is a high-performance communications-based train control system which lets operators maximize their network capacity and throughput. Headways from 90 down to 60 seconds are achieved by using the real moving-block principle for train separation based on continuous, bi-directional communication and free-propagation radio.


WiFi and LTE help reduce the hardware in the field, and this contributes to reduced maintenance costs. With future 5G communication, availability and coverage can be significantly improved. And combining both LTE  and 5G offers great scalability for your network.

Greater flexibility with better scalability of public transport

Trainguard MT allows for different train control levels. In suburban and commuter areas, where the required headways and train intervals are medium, intermittent train control systems can be deployed. In metropolitan areas, where minimal headways and short train intervals are essential, continuous train control with continual communication provides the required performance.


With this offering, Trainguard MT is a highly scalable solution in terms of functions, performance and costs. Trainguard MT also supports extensibility with IP-based wayside units: They can cover more of the line with less hardware, less cabling, and smaller components.

Reduced lifecycle costs thanks to high efficiency with CBTC

Trainguard MT optimizes lifecycle costs by reducing the number of outdoor elements like wayside components and the number of track vacancy sections to a minimum. Only a few or no lineside signals at all are required.


The highly efficient CBTC system also operates the trains with an energy-optimal driving algorithm. Energy savings of up to 20% can be achieved on every train run. These savings aren’t based on a limited number of fixed profiles, but are enabled by individual adjustments of the speed profile for each train run.


Trainguard MT uses highly integrated, maintenance-free modules. Trackside transponders (Eurobalises) do not need external power supply or battery power and are also maintenance-free.

Mixed traffic/mixed mode in the same network

Trainguard MT can handle trains with different train control equipment at the same time in the same network. This allows for mixed fleets that can be specifically assigned to operate in the city center or in suburban environments, depending on capacity needs and required headways. Trainguard MT as CBTC solution is therefore the optimum choice for mixed-traffic operations.


It's also possible to operate semi-automatic trains with drivers and fully automatic trains without drivers on the same line simultaneously. And Trainguard MT can be used in conjunction with existing train control systems.

Greater sustainability with significant energy savings

Trainguard MT contributes to the sustainability of mass-transit systems themselves. During stabling periods in the depot, the deep-sleep mode allows for hibernation with minimal power consumption. This saves energy and reduces the time the trains need to be connected to traction power. And on every train run, energy savings of up to 20% can be realized. These savings aren't based on a limited number of fixed profiles; rather, they're achieved by individually optimizing every train run's speed profile.

Cities worldwide benefit from Trainguard MT

Discover innovation highlights that work with CBTC

Futuristic train in train station, representing cybersecurity and CBTC.

Cybersecurity for rail and road

CBTC is a secure system for efficient public transport. As experts in digitalization and pioneers in cybersecurity, we're dedicated to making mobility more secure for everyone.

Driving securely into the future

At Siemens Mobility, we're committed to securing complex transport systems and their data by applying our expertise to all our products, solutions, and services.

Computer system representing the compatibility of MindConnect Rail and CBTC.

MindConnect Rail for secure connectivity

We drive railway innovations while ensuring secure and robust transmission of system and diagnostic data for rail vehicles and infrastructure assets.

Enabling plug-and-play connectivity to collect relevant data

The modular and flexible software and hardware solution MindConnect Rail is designed for secure data transmissions from safety-critical infrastructures and rail vehicles to MindSphere, the open IoT platform from Siemens.

5G symbol representing the compatibility of 5G and CBTC.

The future role of 5G and CBTC for railway

How will the deployment of public 5G networks support urban transportation and communications-based train control?

5G and CBTC: A strong team for urban railways

From hardware and wayside units in the field to train equipment like lidar, camera, and radar sensors: Fast and reliable wireless communication is needed for communications-based train control. Soon 5G will offer operators higher reliability, lower latencies, and ultra-broadband connectivity, which will improve wireless-based activities like train-to-track communication. Thanks to greater coverage, 5G promises to reduce communication infrastructure equipment trackside while creating new opportunities, from providing data services and brand-new services to improved passenger WiFi connectivity.

Train station representing the compatibility of Digital Station Managers and CBTC.

Digital Station Manager

Discover how station operators benefit from a common HMI that can monitor and control all the different subsystems at their railway station.

Effective and automated management of railway stations

With Digital Station Manager, our goal is to optimize the capacity of railway stations and local rail transport systems by quickly guiding travelers through the station – resulting in an excellent travel experience.

Two engineers talking representing the compatibility of demand-responsive transport and CBTC.

Demand-responsive transport for MT

Provide train services exactly where and when they’re needed – and match timetables and train scheduling to actual passenger demand.

Creating perfect timetables for demand-responsive transport for mass transit

Reduce your passengers’ wait time while simultaneously saving costs and energy: Our innovative demand-responsive transport solution for mass transit, Controlguide AIRO MT, allows you to prepare timetables based on actual passenger demand. Using various data sources, artificial intelligence, and self-learning algorithms for smart data analytics, Controlguide AIRO MT offers demand and deviation detection and prediction with outstanding precision.

Data screen representing the compatibility of data analytics and CBTC.

Data analytics and system visualization

Keep your mass transit operation under complete control – with clear visualization of the key data from your stations and systems.

Unlocking the potential of mass transit system data with smart visualization

Detect bottlenecks in your rail network, control throughput, punctuality, and disturbances on your lines and stations, and identify energy-saving potential in your systems: The innovative System Performance Dashboard provides mass transit operators with comprehensive and centralized insights into their mass transit rail infrastructure based on intelligent data analytics. Supporting operators with improved decision-making and optimized operations as well as maintenance.


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