Conventional Train Control (CTC)

State-of-the-art technology for cost-effective rail services

With Trainguard, we created a modular system for conventional train control that can be deployed universally – for optimized headway, punctuality, and track-to-train transmission.

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Product overview

Conventional Train Control – a flexible system to meet your demands

The refinement of train control systems is crucial for new rolling stock. These systems need to be universally applicable all over the world, future proof and – in particular – capable of being integrated both simply and cost-effectively. With its wide range of functions and modular design, Siemens’ CTC system is incredibly adaptable and capable of meeting your every requirement.

Trainguard LZB 700 M – a continuous automatic train control system

The Trainguard LZB 700 M continuous automatic train control system is a high-performance solution for automatic train protection (ATP) and automatic train operation (ATO). It optimizes both punctuality and headways as well as saves work for the driver – who can then focus more on passenger safety.


It is also a modular system especially suited for metro lines with speeds of up to 160 km/h and light rail transit lines that need to increase traffic volume on existing lines with short headways.


The Trainguard LZB 700 M equipment, for example, enables current driving instructions to be displayed continuously in the driver’s cab. It also allows for the continuous monitoring of train speeds. Light signals can be dispensed with.

Trainguard CTS/M – a reliable magnetic train stop

The Trainguard CTS/M magnetic train stop system is based on existing conventional magnetic transmission. The trackside equipment consists of (existing and new) track magnets. The on-board unit is designed to cater for optional operation with the Trainguard Imu inductive transmission system for route control.


A simple and reliable system, Trainguard CTS/M is economical thanks to the extension of maintenance intervals from one to seven days. It is also compatible with all existing magnetic train stops from Siemens.


The design of the operator units requires very little space – they are adaptable to your demands and simple to install. Maintenance is simplified through the selective reading of historical data.

Trainguard MT Zub – a compact on-board unit and energy-efficient trackside equipment

Trainguard MT Zub automatic train control system meets the latest requirements for signaling and safety. The compact on-board unit and energy-efficient trackside equipment – connected to the signals via interface boards – can be easily installed in new signaling systems and retrofitted to existing systems. Leading to cost-effective and easy-to-maintain operations.


It places no specific requirements on the signaling system of the railways to be protected. It can also be individually configured and thus, adapted to any application.


A special feature of Trainguard MT Zub is its suitability for mixed operation as both a heavy rail system with exclusive right-of-way separated from other traffic and a light rail system with shared right-of-way with other city traffic options.

'Trainguard Zub 222c' product brochure


Trainguard Imu 100 – an inductive transmission system

The Trainguard Imu 100® system is an information transmission system with a modular design. It is used for transmitting information from the vehicle to the track and vice versa. Data is transmitted in the form of telegrams at a rate of 50 kBaud using frequency shift keying and optimized for the control of public mass transit systems.


The inductive transmission system meets the requirements of modern transport systems for shorter headways, higher traveling speeds, and greater availability with its simple configurability and maintainability.

'Trainguard Imu 100' product brochure



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