Digital portfolio for rail infrastructure

Our digital portfolio connects signaling systems, trackside assets and rail electrification components​​ with the digital world by linking domain know-how and signaling data insights. Explore the power of digital applications to increase network and line capacity and optimize railway operations. 

Connecting the physical with the digital world to optimize rail operations

With our digital products, we enable rail operators and infrastructure managers worldwide to improve operation, maximize availability, optimize lifecycle costs, improve safety, and ultimately gain more value from their assets and systems through integrated digital solutions and processes.

Digital portfolio for rail infrastructure – applications with flexible ways of deployment at the edge or in the cloud (powered by Railigent X)

Digital portfolio for rail infrastructure – your benefits

Digital portfolio for rail infrastructure – enablers

Rely on comprehensive cybersecurity for rail – with CoreShield DCU and CoreShield Connect

Digitization is revolutionizing the rail system. This requires adequate protection against cyberattacks. The CoreShield DCU is a data diode designed to collect data and protect your network against remote access. Due to its chip design, it guarantees physical separation that ensures only one-way communication. CoreShield Connect closes the gap between Siemens Mobility signaling systems and digital solutions on cloud platforms by securely providing the necessary and preprocessed data.

Digital portfolio for rail infrastructure – references

How do all these applications work in operation? Take a look at our references and find out more.


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