Digital station solutions and railway communication

Improve throughput and save on OPEX with digital station solutions  

The effective operation of railway stations and the improved flow of passengers have a significant impact on the availability of mobility services, passenger throughput and passenger experience. Our Digital Station portfolio aligns with these key performance indicators and combines Siemens Mobility products and services for railway stations.

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Digital Station Manager

Digital Station Manager combines SCADA, PIS/PA and CCTV functionalities into one single system with the option of future integration into ATS systems. This integration facilitates the information exchange, coordination and interaction between the different subsystems – allowing them to act as a single unit.



Capacity Solution

Supporting rail operators in complying with social distancing 

In the past months, we have faced an unprecedented crisis that has changed the way we live and work and likely changed the way we travel for still a long time to come.

Product overview

Take advantage of our proven track record in delivering comprehensive railway solutions

Based on our strong integration of signaling systems and station management systems, Siemens Mobility provides products and services uniquely tailored for optimized operations and enhanced passenger experience. Elements of Siemens Mobility Digital Station portfolio can be added based on OPEX models that will optimize investment and lifecycle costs for the customer. For example: Wi-Fi connectivity in stations and tunnels or mobile ticketing solutions. Siemens Mobility enables a modular, tailored implementation of the Digital Station solution suite. This allows for the easy integration of existing legacy products while maintaining a focus on reduced capital expenditure, e.g. by offering Software-as-a-Service.

A whole range of benefits for everyone

Siemens Mobility Digital Station solutions offer multiple benefits for each specific customer group.

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Greater than the sum of its parts

Get to know more about the key components that make up our Digital Station solutions and railway communication.

The solution at the heart of a network


Proven technology


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