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Explore opportunities for freight, industrial mining and yards through the digitalization of your transport infrastructure – to improve operational efficiency and flexibility as well as to guarantee availability.

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Comprehensive rail solutions tailored to your needs

When it comes to cargo automation – digitalization, smart connected products, and automation open new business opportunities. Combined with experience and a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products and solutions, these will help to make your infrastructure intelligent and, thus, improve your operations.
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Cybersecurity – the key to leveraging your digital potential

In a connected world, cybersecurity is key. We have developed a highly effective data diode that provides comprehensive connectivity and controlled monitoring. In terms of connected mobility this means safe travel for both people – and goods. Find out how this tiny piece of intelligent infrastructure fits perfectly into our digital offerings.

What drives us

Digital solutions for minimal delays and maximum availability

The world’s transportation infrastructure has reached a turning point. Speaking in terms of freight, this means that an increasing amount of goods from globalized economies has to be managed while environmental protection, availability and efficiency are moving into the foreground. Together with our customers, we want to prepare the infrastructure for a digital future in which people and goods can be transported safely. And we want to unlock the full potential of this digitalization with new products and solutions starting from the very beginning, for example, by co-creating with our customers.

Creating a digital rail world

Combining proven rail hardware with smart software solutions, Siemens Mobility is paving the way to digitalized rail infrastructure. Connectivity is key: the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more and more important when it comes to freight transportation. Tracks, vehicles, buildings and products are increasingly equipped with sensors and able to exchange information with each other or via cloud applications. This trend is enabling intelligent infrastructure that helps operators improve their overall network performance and increase freight throughput.

Secure your digital transformation 

In the face of growing cybersecurity threats, the monitoring of networks for intrusion and anomalies becomes even more important – but not only in rail. Only when cybersecurity is guaranteed, can companies leverage their full digital potential. Siemens Mobility has therefore teamed up with governmental and business partners to launch a "Charter of Trust" which sets the following goals:


  1. To protect the data of individuals and companies.
  2. To prevent damage to people, companies and infrastructure.
  3. To establish a reliable foundation on which trust in a networked, digital world can take root and grow.

Unlock your data treasury without compromising security

Cybersecurity is especially important for networking in safety- and security-related infrastructures. These networks are commonly protected by firewalls and/or “air gaps”, the systems are operated as completely isolated data islands.


Both solutions have certain weaknesses. With air gaps, the transmission of live data to recipients outside the network is impossible. Firewalls, on the other hand, are prone to misconfiguration and vulnerabilities.


For this reason, experts recommend the use of data diodes as an additional level of security for a storage medium, server, or the IoT. This one-way data street offers tremendous potential because it permits the reaction-free connection of signaling and safety infrastructure to the Internet of Things.

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Co-creation and Design Thinking: how can we unleash potential with new ways of working?

To meet the special needs of our customers, we need to know more about their unique experiences. That is why we co-create with our customers and the users as well as their passengers to meet expectations even better.


And because innovation begets innovation – we gather together with our colleagues as well as an international community of innovators and changemakers at the InnovationLabs in Factory Berlin – a self-contained ecosystem of freelancers, artists, and other companies. And one of the innovative hotspots of digitalization in Germany. The goal: to create, share and disrupt traditional ways of working and thinking. 


Supported by Design Thinking processes, we are thus able to develop the next generation of products when it comes to rail automation. What’s more, the innovation process is faster and especially designed for the experiences of customers – as the example of safety wearables for track workers shows.

Increased track worker safety 

We did tests with track workers and wearable devices which vibrate when there is a train approaching. We are now developing the first prototypes with Wear It – a startup specializing in wearable technology.
Philipp Wehn, Innovation Manager at Freight and Products, Siemens Mobility GmbH
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Explore opportunities for improved operational efficiency and flexibility as well as guaranteed availability through the digitalization of your transport infrastructure.

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