Interlocking systems

Interlocking system

Enabling safe rail operations around the globe

Interlockings ensure safety. They check that rail sections are free, determine routes, and provide information on movement requests and train speeds. With the Trackguard portfolio, Siemens supplies modern, compliant interlocking solutions for all needs. 

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Product overview

Digital interlockings – the future is already here

Digital interlockings? They already exist – and are becoming more and more common. It is characteristic of new interlocking architecture that a dispatcher’s switching commands are transmitted to points, signals, and track contacts digitally via network technology. As a result, previously required individual connections to individual interlocking elements via kilometer-long cable bundles are partially eliminated. Signals and points can now be controlled at much greater distances via a data line thanks to DSTW network contacts. Digital interlockings (DSTW): decentralized, networked, intelligent – and on the way to the cloud.

Innovation and research

Rail mobility should remain one of the safest and most environmentally friendly modes of transport. This requires continuous innovation and development. To do this, Siemens promotes the implementation and further development of norms such as EULYNX, a European initiative for standardizing signaling components and interfaces.

Preconfigured installations

Siemens also supplies turnkey electronic interlockings as preconfigured container solutions, which have been tested at a dedicated test center. These modular containers play a key role in cutting time and costs for installation and commissioning – thus helping reduce investment costs.


Testing and simulations

The testing and simulation rigs at Siemens' system test center lead to optimized equipment design as early as the development phase. They are also used for analyzing problematic cases and for training customer personnel.

Product lifecycle and support

Efficient servicing and diagnostics facilitate smooth operations. Maintenance, repair and replacements are available practically everywhere, thanks to Siemens' global presence. In addition, many installations, systems and solutions can be altered or expanded step by step – thus reducing interruptions to a minimum.

Interlocking systems for mainline railways

Solutions for any application, anywhere

The Trackguard product family consists of various interlocking solutions used in different rail networks across the world. Common hardware components as well as joint research and development benefit all solutions in terms of cost savings and technological advances.
Interlocking systems for mainline and mass transit railways

Solutions for any application, anywhere


Proven technology


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