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Mass-transit railways solutions for smart cities
With our mass-transit solutions, we contribute to a better urban future.

Direction: Smart city. Destination: Sustainable mobility.

Smart cities use technology to solve urban problems. And our solutions help solve the mobility challenges that many cities face with attractive mass transit solutions. Smart mobility lets people get more out of their city. More space, more sustainability, more quality of life. And the fastest route to get there is our total commitment to innovation. We create intelligent mass transit infrastructures that sense and think. Interconnected and automated systems where trains and stations flexibly adapt to operational needs. Where information creates a better passenger experience. Where digitalization helps you move people from the first to the last mile safely and sustainably. 

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How we help build smarter cities with attractive mobility solutions

Making cities a better place to live

Our solutions help solve the mobility challenge many cities face by getting people off the road by providing sustainable travel solutions – transforming our cities into sustainable metropolises. We make mass transit smarter and cities greener. 

With mass transit as the backbone of a public transport network, cities can give back a lot to its people and the planet. But we know there's more. We strive to make mass transit systems themselves more sustainable and attractive. With greater automation, intelligent infrastructure, and solutions for a seamless journey, we're building smarter and sustainable cities.


For example, by adapting energy consumption in stations to passenger demand with our Digital Station Manager. Or by enabling energy savings of up to 20% with our CBTC solutions for automated train operation – to name just two examples of many.

Making driving automated

100% punctuality, maximum capacity, energy savings of up to 20%: Take any aspect of mass transit – and improve all of them with automated driving solutions.

Take the safe route with our Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) solution Trainguard MT. It’s trusted by mass transit operators in more than 30 cities, so why wait? 


Whether it’s a new or existing network – we’ll help you increase your level of automation and decrease headways step-by-step. Or, for example, run mixed-traffic systems in one network. Enjoy huge flexibility and a safe signaling system you can rely on!

Making journeys seamless

Trains that run when needed – stations that help passengers pass through freely and smoothly – flexible trip planning and live information: This is the seamless journey experience your passengers are looking for.

Our demand-responsive transport solution Controlguide AIRO MT helps predict passenger demand and dynamically adapt train scheduling. Simulations show up to 10% shorter average wait time, corresponding with a savings potential of up to 20% in trains and train kilometers.


Create a seamless journey experience for your passengers – with smart guidance, assistance, continuous interactions, and increased passenger throughput of up to 20% at stations and on trains. It's all based on our holistic infrastructure solutions for Digital Stations and travel apps for your passengers. CBTC can increase the necessary capacities for your network – with headways as low as 90 seconds, making mobility services more available. For an enhanced passenger experience.

Making infrastructure intelligent

How can you combine attractive mobility with high efficiency, guaranteed availability, and reduced operating expenditure? Intelligent infrastructure bridges it all – with data analytics and improved transparency. Resulting in improved decision-making that helps you optimize your operations.

When it comes to transparency, our System Performance Dashboard brings everything together to give you the knowledge you need for your role and responsibility: for example, as a Line Operator or Station Manager. Based on secure connectivity, it aggregates and visualizes the status and trend of all key parameters, from network bottlenecks to component conditions to punctuality – any KPI, any time, anywhere.


Future-oriented innovations to lead the way

As cities become increasingly larger and more complex due to globalization and urbanization, passenger requirements and demands on mass transit systems are growing accordingly. To meet these challenges, we offer operators innovative mass transit solutions ranging from single components to complete signaling systems. For enhanced safety, punctuality, availability, speed, capacity, and energy efficiency.

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