Controlguide OCS / TMS

Controlguide OCS / TMS

Meeting passengers’ ever-increasing demands

As a rail operator you are faced with several major challenges. Your passengers expect safety and punctuality as well as traveling comfort and environmental awareness. At the same time, you have only limited infrastructure and personnel available, so you need to deploy these efficiently. Controlguide OCS helps you cope with the growing complexity of modern-day transport.

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Product overview

Controlguide operations control system (OCS) – the scalable solution

Controlguide OCS is the leading brand for operations control technology for mass transit and mainline rail applications as well as freight, industrial and mine railways. Due to its modularity and scalability, the platform offers high-level flexibility in application. The functions can be individually adjusted or retrofitted, depending on your requirements. In this way, existing investments are secured and expansions can be made based on your actual needs.

For all levels of operation

In addition to day-to-day operations, the Controlguide OCS product family offers high-performance automation and intelligent dispatching functions for all levels of rail traffic control and operations management. By growing with you step by step, the system supports the flexible design of your work organization and operating sequences for efficient and cost-effective rail services.

Eliminated disruptions in scheduled operations

Effective real-time traffic management - HaCon TPS Online

HaCon’s TPS solutions for train planning and capacity management enable network providers and operators to make the most of their infrastructure and significantly improve their work and business processes regarding operative timetable planning and real-time dispatching.


TPS Online, the new member of the TPS family, has been developed specifically for ad-hoc train dispatching that controls and optimizes everyday rail operations. Short-term disruptions such as delays, broken shunting points or signaling systems can be processed in real time. TPS Online detects conflicts that have an impact on the entire railway network and offers automatic, semi-automatic, and manual conflict resolutions. As a result, dispatchers can now immediately respond to disturbances, for example by advising trains to wait for each other, by redirecting them or by scheduling a change of track. 

Forward-looking, smooth operations

Timetable construction

A long-term, conflict-free, robust timetable is the basis for operating rail services. Taking into account expected future traffic levels and all operationally relevant factors, train services are mapped to the existing infrastructure. This is the basis for planning fleet and crew demand and their optimum scheduling.


Restrictions planning

Operational restrictions due to construction work or scheduled maintenance can be planned in Controlguide OCS in advance to set up track possessions.

Train & capacity planning - HaCon TPS Offline

HaCon’s TPS solutions for train planning and capacity management enable network providers and operators to make the most of their infrastructure. Our train planning system helps railway infrastructure managers as well as train operating companies to significantly improve their work and business processes regarding operative timetable planning.


As a modular toolbox and high-performance software solution, TPS combines infrastructure, timetable and train path management as well as all interaction. From strategic long-term planning to annual timetables to short-term planning based on real-time data during operation: Benefit from flexible TPS editions and modules. The system can be adapted to a variety of needs in train path and timetable management.

TPS at a glance

  • Timetable management
    »» Runtime calculation
    »» Seamless integration of closed tracks and speed limitations
    »» Automated search for conflict-free train paths and synchronization with current timetable
    »» State-of-the-art graphical features:
    track infrastructure, graphical timetable, track occupation plan and various output options
  • Sophisticated data integration via various interfaces
  • Static or dynamic access to occupation data
  • End-to-end bid-offer process for infrastructure managers and train operating companies
  • TPS Online for conflict detection and resolution with comprehensive review and preview functionality
  • Integrated simulation functionality
  • Capacity analysis according to UIC 406
  • European Communication Standard TAF TSI
  • railML® certified

Proven technology


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