Cargo: Disposition, planning and dispatching

Accurate and up-to-date information ensures the optimum use of resources

For rail operators, the efficient management of rolling stock, locomotives and train cars is crucial. In freight rail, resource management may also include cargo routes as well as terminals and loading and unloading facilities. Siemens offers a number of integrated hardware and software systems that provide and consolidate the information needed for optimum planning and dispatching.

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Product overview

Operations control systems for cargo railways

When it comes to cargo operations, as a freight operator you have to manage a drastically increased quantity from globalized economies. In order to handle the growing flows in freight transportation, we offer intelligent operations control systems which simplify operations and improve the usage of existing capacities by making full use of all reserves and also enable a high level of efficiency and quality of rail transportation, even in exceptional operating situations.

Controlguide Falko – planning system

The Falko software program is used for the design and validation of timetables. It was developed as a means of optimizing operational planning and control for operations control systems. Falko facilitates the generation of optimum timetables (in terms of train intervals plus energy and resource savings), and thereby helps maximize the overall performance of freight, mass transit and mainline rail systems. The program is based on the Windows® NT 4.0 operating system; its operations conform to Windows conventions.


A number of processes can be optimized using Falko:

  • Track layout design
  • Timetable design
  • Timetable validation
  • Construction site planning
  • Energy management
  • Passenger transfer optimization

And this optimization pays off: Falko enables the high savings potential of timetabling to be utilized, resulting in a substantial reduction in costs.

Controlguide Rail Resource Management

Managing marshalling yards efficiently

Controlguide Rail Resource Management is a comprehensive planning and scheduling system which ensures smooth operations for small to large service facilities through the early detection of conflict situations while offering the capability to handle schedule changes flexibly. It allows flexible reactions on volatile request from service facilities and communicates with external systems such as announcement or train running information systems or accounting systems. Intelligent interface management and early visualization of conflicts reduces wrong decisions, simplifies administrative and manual activities and increases quality and efficiency of operations. The application is based on modern cloud technology while utilizing microservice patterns.

'Controlguide Rail Resource Management' product brochure



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