Visualizing mass transit railway data

System Performance Dashboard for mass transit systems

Innovative mass transit dashboard for smart operational decision making

A smoothly running mass transit railway network is the backbone for clean, livable cities, providing save and sustainable travel opportunities. Keeping all lines and stations in a constant flow is not an easy task for operators given the many separate subsystems, complex processes and operational and maintenance efforts involved. To support them in their decision making, our innovative System Performance Dashboard for mass transit systems provides operators with centralized insights on their mass transit infrastructure – for better network utilization, improved punctuality, condition-based maintenance, and optimal capacity handling.

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Maintaining an overview in the data jungle

The cloud-based System Performance Dashboard is the perfect tool for mass transit operators and maintainers to analyze a wide range of different mass transit systems and assets. And the range is growing. See for yourself what’s already possible.

All-in solution for different mass transit functions

Discover what the dashboard can show you

Dashboard for signaling system KPIs and insights

How punctual are the trains on your line? And are there any abnormal deviations of dwell times or missed stopping points at your platforms? The System Performance Dashboard for mass transit systems provides mass transit operators with an overview of essential signaling system KPIs to monitor and optimize the line and platform punctuality.

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Dashboard for radio performance KPIs

Constant monitoring the radio system performance is key to transmit operational services such as real-time CCTV transmission as well as passenger services like on-board PIS, passenger WiFi, and online advertising securely and reliably. The System Performance Dashboard for mass transit systems gives operators a clear and fast overview of the radio signal strength at different locations, on individual trains, and at different times. Operators can also comfortably check KPIs like alerts, alarms, outages, coverage performance, and equipment availability.

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Dashboard for Controlguide AIRO MT, our demand-responsive transport solution

Precisely adjusting train services to the actual demand enables savings in trains, train kilometers, and energy consumption, as well as shorter waiting times. Our demand-responsive transport solution Controlguide AIRO MT offers an optimized approach to preparing timetables and scheduling trains based on actual passenger demand. The System Performance Dashboard provides mass transit operators with key insights into the predicted and the actual passenger demand, its comparison for the current day, the prediction quality for past days, and the train schedule developed by AIRO MT including the predicted passenger demand.

Learn more about the demand-responsive transport KPIs

Dashboard for station asset performance KPIs

To keep an eye on all technical assets of a station can be a handful. To simplify the task and to ensure a smooth station operation, the System Performance Dashboard provides mass transit operators and maintainers with a clear visualization of the station asset performance data, provided by the Digital Station Manager. This makes it easier and faster to check and localize conditions and alarms of assets such as elevators and escalators, climate control, lights, platform displays, speakers, surveillance cameras, access controls, signaling components and many more.

Learn more about the station asset KPIs

Dashboard for the capacity solution

How many passengers are using the different platform? How’s the station capacity? And how’s the train capacity? The System Performance Dashboard has the answer. It supports mass transit operators to manage crowds and to comply with social distancing by visualizing data that are collected and analyzed by the Siemens Digital Station Capacity Solution. This way, operators can comfortably keep an eye on all KPIs linked to social distancing to avoid overcrowding on platforms and trains.

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Smart visualization

Utilize your data for optimized mass transit railway operation

To keep the mass transit railway up and running at all times is a challenge with a new solution: Based on intelligent data analytics, our innovative System Performance Dashboard offers real-time transparency on the mass transit rail infrastructure and operation of stations and lines.

Secure connectivity and intelligent data analytics

To get the most out of your dashboard, relevant rail network data must be recorded, securely transmitted, stored, processed, and analyzed. We extract data from your subsystems, including interlockings, point machines, balises, signaling systems, axle counters etc. in the most secure way by using the Siemens Data Capture Unit (DCU), embedded in the MindConnect Rail hardware and software solution.


To turn these data into unparalleled insights, highly precise predictions, and valuable decision support, our data analytics solutions combines state-of-the-art analytical methods like artificial intelligence and machine learning with signaling knowledge for effective data aggregation, processing, and analysis.


The preprocessed data stored in the cloud can then be accessed with the cloud-based System Performance Dashboard.

Examples of how the data analysis for the dashboard works

Helpful insights for mass transit operators in smart cities

The user-friendly System Performance Dashboard provides live and remote monitoring of the connected railway infrastructure: It visualizes data collected from stations and signaling systems in real time. This allows operators to monitor important KPIs such as throughput, punctuality, energy consumption, and asset availability. The innovative data representation and visualization, asset information and management, performance monitoring, and predictive insights support mass transit operators to make better decision for improved operations, reducing maintenance and operational efforts.


The System Performance Dashboard runs on an IoT cloud platform and can be used with any web browser device. It can also be role-specific customized, e.g., for line operators, maintainers, or station operators.

Learn more about the System Performance Dashboard:

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Smart benefits

Innovative data insights with added value

Information is the key – for ensuring a smooth and efficient operation of mass transit rail infrastructures as well as for optimal maintenance. That’s why the System Performance Dashboard for mass transit systems is beneficial in many regards.

Discover the benefits that our dashboard can offer you:

Gaining clear insights on the energy consumption of your lines and stations with our user-friendly System Performance Dashboard for mass transit systems allows you to easily identify energy waste and energy saving potentials.


The perfect decision basis for taking  energy saving measures within your mass transit railway network and avoiding energy penalties.

Our System Performance Dashboard for mass transit systems offers you an easy way to keep an eye on all line- or station-specific delays, passenger demand, and the capacity on trains and platforms.


The perfect decision basis for improved punctuality, shorter waiting times, less overcrowding, and happy passengers.

With centralized information on your customized KPIs and connected subsystems, our System Performance Dashboard for mass transit systems provides you with the knowledge you need. Anytime. Anywhere.


The perfect decision basis for ensuring efficient and smooth operation of your mass transit railway network.

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Shaping smart mass transit operation together

Start your journey toward a more transparent, more efficient, and more sustainable mass transit railway today. Our experts are looking forward to answering all your questions about the System Performance Dashboard for mass transit systems and our further solutions for an intelligent mass transit railway infrastructure. Get in touch now!

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