Enjoy a new standard in network security with data diodes

Firewalls are outdated – data diodes and one-way gateways are the strongest way for securing your industrial network

What is a data diode?

In an increasingly digital world, a bulletproof cybersecurity solution is a true advantage. But what is the most effective way to keep your data accessible while protecting your systems from external threats? The Siemens Data Capture Unit (DCU) was designed to provide connectivity for new systems as well as legacy ones. From transportation to energy, from mining to healthcare: The Siemens DCU aims to provide 100% protection against cyberattacks.

Read more about:

  • Cybersecurity threats due to digitalization of industrial networks (IoT, Industry 4.0)
  • The functionality of the Siemens solution for secure network connectivity (DCU)
  • A secure access to your data in real-time

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More information about data diodes

Basically a data diode is hardware device that is placed between two or more networks and makes sure that information or “data” can only travel in one direction. Because of that it is often linked to "unidirectional security gateway" or "unidirectional network" as a more descriptive naming.


Because of the extreme high security standard data diodes are often found in industries like nuclear power plants, power generation and safety critical systems like railway networks or military and government environments.


Since we are living in an increasingly digital world and a growing threat of cyberattacks every company has the duty to secure their data with an optimal solution.