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The digital transformation of track vacancy detection

How digital add-ons help to reduce maintenance costs and enhance process quality

The answer is digitalization

Delays in rail transport cause enormous economic damage every year and count as one of the biggest annoyances for passengers and for customers of rail-bound freight transport. Rail operators suffer not only from the negative impact on their image but also from the cost of delays and the maintenance required to remedy them. But what is the best approach for increasing the availability and reliability of rail systems and reducing maintenance costs for preventive and corrective actions? The answer is digitalization. That also applies to rail automation and track vacancy detection. Smart digital solutions create new potentials for even more reliable and efficient operations management, ensuring more on-time trains, and expending less effort on maintenance, while ensuring safety and security.

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digital transformation

Smart digital axle counting systems as the backbone for railway operations

The process begins on the field and automation levels, where a more digital solution like Clearguard

ACM 250 minimizes downtime and service efforts by using digital features to simplify configuration, fault rectifications, and device replacements – which enables system redundancies and supports intelligent diagnostics.

Digital add-ons like MindConnect Rail and the DCU for safe and secure connectivity and Clearguard APM for advanced asset performance monitoring and management take the system transparency, condition monitoring, and maintenance predictability of axle counting systems to the next level.