Future of European Rail Freight

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The course in the European rail freight market is set

European land freight transport market is expected to grow by 30% by 2030 – and the rail freight segment to even double. The European Commission has defined a sustainable, smart and resilient mobility strategy in order to “deliver a 90% reduction in the transport sector’s emissions by 2050”. For these reasons, there is a need for increased capacity, strengthened cross-border coordination and cooperation between infrastructure managers, better overall management of rail network, and the deployment of new technologies. We are ready to pave the way for freight of the future! Are you ready too?
Our view of European rail freight

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European Freight

Topics of the report

Planning and Dispatching

1. Train Planning and Path Request Management

2. Train Management Solution for Dispatching Locos, Wagons and Crew

3. ETA Calculation and Management Platform

4. Web Applications for Commercialization of Service Offers



5. Yard Automation: Hump Yards

6. Yard Automation: Flat Yards and Depots

7. Brake Monitoring System

8. Reliable Locomotives: Vectron/ Smartron/Dual Mode

9. ETCS On-board Units

10. Automated Driving “ATO over ETCS”

11. Geo-position and Cargo Monitoring


Maintenance and Diagnostics

12. Maintenance & Technical Support – Railcover®

13. Spare Parts & Repair

14. Lifetime Extension & Improvement

15. Digital services