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On the level with proven crossings technology

Whether for brand-new or retro-fitted installation: Siemens Mobility's portfolio of road equipment for level crossing systems worldwide features components designed to be fully compatible and future-proof.

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Road equipment for AREMA: Gate mechanisms and flashing lights

Efficiency meets safety

Wherever railway lines cross a road, increased safety features are needed. Siemens Mobility provides grade crossing auxiliary products that make level crossings safer and more reliable for train operators and passengers alike. They are used with great success by railway operators throughout the world, and demonstrate the expertise of Siemens Mobility in the field of efficient level crossing technology.

Gate mechanisms: Drives as strong as their reputation

Siemens Mobility series of grade crossing gate mechanisms have a proven, robust reputation built on: strong, cast aluminum housings, maintenance-free bearings as well as reliable gear train and rotary circuit controllers. Future-oriented inline gear motors and electric brake combinations replace older motor and electromechanical hold clear devices with modern technology.

S-60 Series

The Siemens Mobility S-60 series grade crossing gate mechanisms are ideal for operating grade crossing entrance and exit barrier arms up to 40' (12 m) in length.


The patented bi-directional lock bar is used to securely lock the gate arm in any position to allow field personnel to perform maintenance functions.


Diagnostic LEDs on the PC board monitor the condition of the mechanism, making it possible to diagnose it without the use of a meter. An integrated maintenance switch helps enable a low mean time to restore (MTTR) by providing a simple method to move the gate mechanism to the horizontal position. This is required to replace the gate arm after a knockdown.


Customer benefits


  • Can be used worldwide
  • Low-maintenance, weatherproof design
  • 90% spare part compatibility between entrance and exit gate mechanisms reduces cost of ownership
  • Integrated PC board with over-speed control
  • Adjustable circuit to set descend times
  • Electronic auto-reset overload for motor protection
  • Standard gate mechanism is equipped with four cam and contact arrangements
  • Maintenance operation to power down counterweights when the gate arm is broken
  • Single and two-wire gate control capability
  • Horizontal and vertical buffers which are adjustable from outside of mechanism
  • Lifting eyebolt for ease of installation
Road equipment for CENELEC: Barrier drives and LED street signals

Ingenuity you can count on

At level crossings, safety as well as the reliability of the technology in operation is a top priority. Siemens Mobility's cost-efficient level crossing road equipment offer the highest safety standards at minimal operating costs. Low maintenance and procurement costs, longer lifetimes thanks to the robust design, and state-of-the-art LED technology results in optimum values.


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