Surge protection and power products

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Siemens solutions in this area range from surge protection devices, air gap arresters and equalizers – designed to protect your equipment from damaging surges – as well as power products which provide power conditioning for track circuits, signal lighting, and battery charging applications.

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Surge protection

Safeguard vital electronic signaling equipment

SXRR Series – Railroad Signaling System Protector

The SXRR series arresters provide advanced high-speed and high-current silicon surge protection for railroad circuits. Designed for standard AAR terminals: the SXRR is field tested and proven to increase the performance of railroad signaling systems, decrease maintenance costs, and improve profitability.

Key benefits

  • Very low voltage protection levels
  • Meets AREMA guidelines for primary surge protection
  • Compact AAR terminal installation
  • Fusing for safe-fail in case of self-sacrifice
  • Status indication
  • Bi-directional device
'SXRR Series' data sheet


Clearview and Clearcomm Air Gap Arresters

Clearview Air Gap Equalizers

Standard air gap equalizers

The Clearview Air Gap Equalizer is a closed circuit shunt type protector for use on up to 24 VDC circuits with a minimum resistance of 1,000 Ω. Clearly marked with EQUALIZER stamped on the mounting leg for identification and protected with a red Lexan cap: it easily mounts to racks, panels and/or bars due to standard 2 3/8” mounting centers. Sealed equalizer designs are also available for when the equipment has the potential to be exposed to moisture.


Please refer to our catalog for technical details as well as all available dimensions and options for the different models.

AC Power Line Protector and Surge Protection Panels

Solid State Surge Protection

'Electromechanical Stabilization' product brochure


Power products

Benefit from Siemens' long-standing experience in the field of transformers

Siemens Transformers are used with track circuits as well as general purpose step-up, step-down transformers for many applications. Terminals are the standard AREMA post type, rather than the commercial spade type.


Battery Chargers

The Battery Charger (SJ) Series offers long-term, reliable charge maintenance of lead acid and nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries. They are ideally suited where remote installation, extreme temperatures, and minimal maintainer involvement is expected.

SJ Series – Features

  • 2 battery selection modes: lead acid or nickel cadmium (NiCad)
  • 2 operation modes: Constant Current or Constant Voltage
  • Float voltage can be adjusted with the battery connected (when in Constant Voltage mode)
  • Push button to display voltage on demand
  • LED indicators and digital display
  • Supplied with transient suppression devices across the input and output terminals
'Electromechanical Power' product brochure



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