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As trains and railways get faster, the need for swift and reliable on-board communications increases too. The Siemens Trainguard portfolio comprises a variety of equipment for railway vehicles in mass transit and mainline applications. 

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Product overview

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Our portfolio of on-board components includes data recorders, alerters, displays, speedometers, telemetry devices, and communication systems. Tried and tested worldwide, these products are found in transit, freight, commuter, industrial and mining applications – delivering safe, robust, reliable, and cost-effective outcomes. To keep pace with changing needs and regulations, we work closely with the relevant bodies to ensure that our solutions adhere to specified national and international standards.
Data recorders and alerters

Recording your train’s every move

Providing recording, measuring and processing functions on various internal and external storage media, our data recorders are available in crashworthy and non-crashworthy versions. They support the CAN, MV, and IBIS bus systems – all backed by our dedicated analysis software.
Telemetry devices

Safe, reliable end-to-end monitoring

Siemens' portfolio of telemetry products enables us to provide a wide range of on-board systems for enhanced train/locomotive functionality, reliability and safety. With a number of universal systems as well as products that may be configured for specific applications, this versatile portfolio has been developed to deliver cost-effective performance – from initial installation or retrofitting through to ongoing operation and maintenance.
Speedometers and accessories

Uniting form and function

The development of our tachometers combines many years of operating experience through daily use by customers. The comprehensive range offers a number of variations in terms of form, dimension, power supply, and input.

Miscellaneous accessories

On-board computers

Flexible on-board computing

Our universal on-board computers are specifically designed for rail applications and fulfill all relevant railway norms with around 2,000 units supplied over the past five years. Featuring a combination of remote data access and modular communication computers, these flexible solutions establish a safe, secure data link between your vehicles and your server. Several vehicle interfaces – both wired and wireless – as well as customer-specific configurations are also available.


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