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Product overview

Get the most from your points

The reliable switching of points allows for increased train throughput and a high level of operational safety. It also considerably improves the dynamic operating characteristics and prolongs the life of the track body.

Stay on track

With increasing train speeds, instability in the ballast results in higher levels of wear and tear. Deterioration of the track geometry also reduces the level of traveling comfort and can even impair safety. Innovative point operating systems from Siemens Mobility provide your passengers with a better ride, your trains with more stability, and your points with a longer service life. These well-proven, high-quality products offer more economical operations by way of lower lifecycle costs, longer maintenance intervals, and overall increased train throughput.

Externally locked point machines

High reliability and safety for high-speed applications

With a variety of rugged form factors designed for an even wider range of operating conditions, Siemens Mobility is able to offer point operating systems for external locking.

ELS 710 – Universally applicable

The Siemens Mobility Switchguard ELS 710 can be used to operate points of every type and gauge, making it suitable for external lockings and derailers. In addition to a compact, modular and robust design, its short overall length is a major advantage in confined conditions, for example in tunnels. The latest materials and permanently lubricated components ensure long inspection and maintenance intervals and thus, low lifecycle costs.

Internally locked point machines

Robust internal lock mechanism

Our systems for internal lockings are based on proven technology and use modular construction principles throughout the design. Suitable for use even under extreme environmental and weather conditions, the wide range of machines features a high level of availability due to the use of high-quality components and a minimum of corrective maintenance periods.

Surelock – Setting points reliably

Modular with an easy set-up due to adjustments retained in the base assembly, the Switchguard Surelock is an efficient points drive system providing exceptional reliability and ease of maintenance. It is suitable for use on both metro and mainline infrastructures and can be incorporated into 4 ft or 6 ft applications.

Lockings and detectors

Safe locking and accurate detection

Proven over many years and in many countries worldwide, our detectors provide a range of functions in a variety of configurations for almost any conceivable application.

CKA family – Safety lock

The Switchguard CKA pawl lock is an external locking and ensures a force-locking and form-locking connection between the point blade and the stock rail. Benefits in installation: The pre-assembled component parts are installed on site without any adjustment work. No bores are required in the stock rails. The switch blades are usually already provided with bores by the switch supplier. Thanks to the use of aluminum bronze alloy, the pawl point lock requires only minimal maintenance.

Switchguard ITS 700 with CKJ

A low maintenance and tampable solution

Switchguard ITS 700, the innovative point operating system from Siemens Mobility, provides your passengers with greater traveling comfort, your trains with more stability, and your points with a longer service life. Besides the well-established CKA locking units, a new generation of locking devices has been developed in the last few years using the same proven concepts.

Switchguard ITS 700 – Major benefits

  • Adjustable locking unit – available for any rail profile and a wide range of turnout types
  • Optimized access to all major components including locking elements
  • Reduced amount of spare parts in stock, as same locking units cover many different turnout types
  • Use of low-maintenance locking and point machine components
  • Low lifecycle costs in combination with high availability
  • Enhancement of the track geometry quality as machine tamping is also possible in the area around the locking
  • Shorter track closure and on-site installation times thanks to the option of pre-assembly at the turnout factory
  • Interface compatibility of the control system with the existing point controller in the interlocking
Point diagnosis system

One of the most critical railway infrastructure components

With Switchguard Smart Points Diagnostics, you can count on a doubling in availability and enhanced business performance thanks to reduced disruptions, downtime and maintenance as well as improved processes and operations, optimized resources, and optimized responses.

Switchguard Smart Points Diagnostics – How you stand to benefit

1. Performance monitoring creates transparency


Cloud-based performance monitoring enables advantages such as more transparency and understanding of processes, fast troubleshooting in case a fault occurs, visualization of process changes, as well as notification in case of failure or other incidents requiring attention. It also facilitates the early detection of out-of-nominal states before things get critical.


2. Smart sensors collect environmental data and create context


Smart sensors are built as IoT components that convert real-world equipment and environmental variables (such as temperature, water leaks, and humidity) into a digital data stream. Armed with such contextualized information, you can:

  • Improve and automate logistics and asset management
  • Tap on predictive and prescriptive maintenance capabilities
  • Extend motor lifetimes
  • Automate manual processes and thus, drive efficiency

3. Predictive insights provide decision support


Through continuous monitoring, data evaluation and prediction, you can identify point machine disorders and failures at an early stage.


4. Prescriptive analytics provide concrete courses of action


Prescriptive analytics enable benefits such as quality improvements, service enhancements, cost reductions and productivity increases by providing recommended actions based on previous outcomes.


5. Smart devices simplify and support your operations


Smart devices such as Remote Assist tap on the power of collaboration in mixed reality to enable better, faster troubleshooting.


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