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Product overview

A modular concept for various customer applications

Signals play an important role in the safe and efficient running of railway operations. Depending on the customers’ requirements: demands for optical, electrical and design, environmental and operational aspects as well as an increasing number of diagnostic features vary significantly between the different regional railway markets. With our global scale and local presence, we are well equipped to support mainline, mass transit, and freight applications all over the world.
Signal heads and indicators

A comprehensive range

Siemens' comprehensive signal portfolio is suitable for a wide range of applications across all rail networks: mainline and freight; metro and urban traffic; as well as industrial and private railways.

Sigmaguard K140

The solution where space is limited

The Sigmaguard K140 compact signal can be operated wherever standard light signals with large dimensions cannot be installed due to space restrictions. This signal type is suitable for tunnel applications as well as for open areas with a reduced range of visibility.



  • Compact design for applications with limited space
  • High versatility for different applications due to modular concept
  • Easy access to the housing interior for maintenance

Sigmaguard S640

Efficient application of modular color light signals

The Sigmaguard S640 is a compact signal for mainline customers with varying degrees of signaling complexity. The high-grade steel housing with a width of 640 mm accommodates up to nine LED units of different diameters. The clear customer benefits also apply to compact signals of other dimensions.



  • Flexible and modular: both housing and LED units can be chosen from an extensive modular system
  • Proven mounting elements for all common types of signal post and supporting structures
  • High availability and optimized operating costs with proven LED components

Sigmaguard Ls-Signal

Shunting solution for Deutsche Bahn

The Sigmaguard Ls-Signal is a proven product for shunting in Deutsche Bahn's portfolio. One of the key features is optimized close-range and phantom-light behavior. This results in enhanced signal recognition, and therefore, greater reliability and safety for the operator.



  • Flexible use due to variable arrangements
  • Optimized electronic interface
  • Robust and compact stainless-steel casing
  • Extendable for use with ATO systems



  • Greater visibility due to greater brightness
  • Improved close-range visibility
  • Minimal light phantoms
  • Reduced operating costs, as almost maintenance-free
  • High reliability and availability thanks to long lifecycle


Sigmaguard MA480

LED multiple indicator completes our global portfolio

The Sigmaguard MA480 indicator is used for additional signaling information, e.g. speed limits, route indications etc. It can display a maximum of four different symbols, each consisting of up to 20 pixels in white or green. Based on the stipulated clearance gage requirements and thanks to its design: the LED indicator features a maximum indication surface, optimizing the legibility distance.



  • Optimized legibility and visibility
  • Display of up to four different symbols
  • Reduced maintenance work and operating costs
Signal components

High-performance LED units

Our comprehensive signal portfolio is based on proven and standardized components. This enables us to offer excellent solutions with the option for further customization, according to specific customer requirements.

LED units

Cost-effective operations management

Our LED units are the key optical component of all our signaling products. Compared to filament lamps, they provide significant advantages from both a technical and commercial point of view.




  • High availability and reliability
  • Optimized operating and lifecycle costs
  • Low maintenance requirements

Intelligent LED units

Sigmaguard SIO Basic – Savings all around

The LED units of the Sigmaguard SIO Basic are setting new standards in terms of economy, downward compatibility, and low maintenance. They are the first to feature the multiple use of several, separately controllable signaling signs in one diode. The resulting lower number of diodes leads to smaller signal backgrounds. An additional key feature is the implementation of optical sensors that constantly monitor the signal's light intensity, ensuring the required performance.




  • Intelligent monitoring of light intensity
  • Optimized reliability and availability
  • Reduced number of light points required due to multi-color LEDs
  • No pre-determined lifetime limitation

Sigmaguard Pharos 8'' LED

Sigmaguard Pharos 8'' LED wayside aspect modules are fully AREMA compliant

The vital wayside 8'' LED Sigmaguard Pharos™ is created to meet the requirements of our mainline and freight customers on AREMA markets. The LED has the diameter of 200 mm (8 inches) and is available in medium (1/2 mile) and long-range (1 mile).The colors are red, yellow, green, and lunar white.



  • Vital light out detection via optical monitoring
  • More than 50% reduction in retro-reflectivity (phantom aspects) with a patented four lens system
  • The only LED that is fully compliant with AREMA chromaticity requirements

Proven technology


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