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Product overview

A proven technology for track vacancy detection

Siemens remote-fed, audio-frequency track circuits are used for accurate free/occupied status indications of the track section. Widely installed, this technology is recognized as reliable and robust by more than 170 customers. It can be installed in operation with all types of electrification systems and all railway applications (e.g. mainline, metro, rapid transit).
Track vacancy detection system

The all-rounder and modernizer

The modular Clearguard TCM 100 is based on Trackguard Simis FM technology, a reliable and proven platform running all Sinet-xCMs product applications (e.g. ACM 200, ACM 250, TCM 100). The module has been developed according to the CENELEC EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129 standards and conforms to the highest safety integrity level, SIL 4. It provides safety-relevant and reliable information on the occupancy status of track sections; thereby permitting safe, trouble-free railway operations.

A system with many benefits

The Clearguard TCM 100 has both a voltage-free relay interface for connecting to any type of interlocking or subsystem as well as a serial interface for Siemens-specific interlockings (e.g. WNC). It allows flexible adaption to different operating conditions and is easy to upgrade at low cost. The maintenance-free TCM 100 module is able to drive multiple applications with up to 15 different frequencies, ensuring low lifecycle costs. The module can be replaced while powered and its data transferred to a spare module by simply exchanging the programming ID plug to the module, thus minimizing downtimes. Diagnostics is possible via the LED display on the module as well as by connecting to the network via a standard PC.


Clearguard TCM 100 Module

The compact Clearguard TCM 100 is based on Trackguard Simis FM technology, a reliable proven platform running all Sinet-xCMs product applications (e.g. TCM, SCM, PCM, DCM). Its modular architecture, based on a 2-out-of-2 configuration, can be tailored to individual customer requirements. This makes it a smart and cost-effective track circuit implementation on multiple operating concepts and applications. The system components consist of Clearguard TCM 100 as the main module with an ID plug providing data configuration, a trackside box including the tuning units, as well as an off-the-shelf Ethernet switch and power supply unit.

Track circuit modules

Track circuit for AREMA markets – multiple applications and a proven track record


Proven technology


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