Wayside control systems

Cost-effective, robust operational solutions for maximum profitability

Used throughout the rail and mining industries, Siemens’ wayside control solutions connect train operations to back-office management. Whether for vital signaling, PTC or monitoring: our customer-centric, best-in-class modules are designed to deliver profitability.

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Geographic Signaling Systems

For vital network applications

Siemens Trackguard Geographic Signaling System (GEO) is a vital microprocessor-controlled system that generates an electronic DC coded track circuit. While operating on intermediate signal locations, GEO also has the capabilities to control single or multiple switch interlockings. GEO is available as a color-light or search-light system and operates in cab signal territories. GEO is compatible with Electro Code 4, Electro Code 4/4 Plus, Electro Code 2, Genrakode™, and E-Code™. With the addition of a Siemens Wayguard SEAR II Series Event Recorder and a Wayside Communications Package (WCP) module, the GEO unit will interface with all major codeline protocols including ATCS. GEO supports coded track applications, coded line applications, and vital radio-based signaling. Vital network applications are supported via spread-spectrum radio, Echelon, RS-232, and RS-422.

External configuration device (ECD Plus) module

  • Weight is approx. 1.30 oz. (0.04 kg)
  • 4 megabyte memory capacity
Vital Interface Units

For updated status reports

The Siemens Vital Interface Unit, VIU Series, is a general purpose programmable logic controller. The VIU can monitor the state of its inputs, control vital outputs, perform logic functions, and generate vital communications messages to report its status or the status of devices connected to it.

Key features

  • Radio frequency rate of up to 2.7 Mbps
  • Integrated IP connectivity
  • Built-in keypad and display for configuration, troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Standard USB interface allows download of event logs and configuration information or upload of executive and application software
  • Access from a laptop using standard web browser
  • Consolidated event logging for distributed/networked VIU units
  • User programmable (Boolean logic), generic lamp/switch monitoring application for all locations
  • Use to interface locomotive-based equipment to wayside equipment to allow for display of signal aspects in-cab
  • GPS module (installed internally)
  • Weight is approx. 3 lbs. (1.36 kg)
  • Relay I/O module installed internally (optional)
  • Mounting plate (optional)
Positive Train Control console units

For system status at a glance

The Siemens Trackguard Positive Train Control (PTC) console incorporates a dual 400 MHz processor with up to 8 GB of flash memory per processor. Inputs include one Ethernet laptop with three Ethernet network ports, two RS-232 serial ports, and an Echelon network port. LEDs provide the status of the system at a glance. An optional vital I/O module is available within the console with two vital input channels and one vital output channel.

Key features

  • Provides Network Time Protocol (NTP) functionality
  • Provides consolidated logging for PTC-enabled Trackguard GEO units
  • Ability to run vital logic, non-vital logic as well as customizable
  • CDL functionality thus supporting Simple Network Management
  • Protocol (SNMP) message trapping
  • Contains dual 400 MHz processors, with up to 8 GB of on-board flash memory per processor
  • Allows for remote monitoring, even in Dark Territory
  • Optional internal A80611 GPS I/O Wi-Fi adapter card available

Trackguard PTC console unit

  • Weight is approx. 4.3 lbs. (1.95 kg)
  • Dual 400 MHz processors
  • Flash memory expandable up to 8 GB
  • GPS I/O Wi-Fi adapter card (optional)
  • Vital application software loaded (optional)
  • Mounting plate (optional)


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