Cargo automation

Cost-effective, operationally safe, and flexible freight train marshaling

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Product overview

Automate your marshaling yards – for greater efficiency and safety in freight transport

Cost-effective marshaling largely depends on two factors: Firstly, the rationalization of operational sequences at all levels – from train arrival to train departure. Secondly, the maximum possible automation of all work cycles and humping operations. To this end, Siemens has developed the Trackguard Cargo MSR32 automation system for marshaling yards. MSR32 has already been successfully implemented in high-performance marshaling yards throughout the world.

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Main benefits

  • Control system for all shunting techniques and procedures
  • Reduction of shunting times and transfer costs
  • High marshaling quality, reduction of shunting damage
  • Integration into modern transportation chains (cargo management system)
  • Adaptable to local climate and weather conditions
  • High-performance reference yards all over Europe and other countries
  • Installation and commissioning possible without interrupting operations

Main functions

Different solutions tailored to your needs

Trackguard Cargo MSR32 TB kompakt and Trackguard RaStw are yard operation controllers related to the original Trackguard Cargo MSR32 system. They have been devised to control small- to medium-scale marshaling operations.


Trackguard Cargo MSR32 TB kompakt is a high-performance retarder controller for the automation of lower main retarders. It can be integrated into a MSR32 hump control system (cut routing control) – meaning that it is fully scalable in case marshaling volumes increase.


Trackguard RaStw is used in shunting areas without a hump such as:

  • Secondary areas in station arrival and departure zones in sorting yards
  • Stabling sidings for empty passenger trains
  • Tracks inside sheds and service depots
‘Trackguard Cargo MSR32 RaStw’ product brochure


How does Siemens support the implementation and operation of MSR32?

  • Interactive analysis of demands and local consultation
  • Operations simulation with suggestions for optimization 
  • Professional project management
  • Customization and enhancements based on customer requests 
  • Training for operators and engineers
  • Setup and pretesting of the system in Braunschweig (testing using operation simulators)
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Operations support in the start-up phase
  • Maintenance, support and operations management
‘Trackguard Cargo MSR32’ product brochure



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