Trackguard retarders

For precise and efficient speed control in humping operations and marshaling yards

Siemens Mobility Trackguard TW-F/TW-E retarders for humping operations and Trackguard TKG piston retarders for marshaling yards not only provide efficient retarding – they are also simple to deploy and maintain. 

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Product information - Trackguard TW-F/TW-E retarders

Making classification zones more efficient and less noisy

These innovative retarding segments from Siemens Mobility reduce noise levels and increase retarding capacity.

A variety of models and possible combinations ensures optimum retarding for very yard

Retarders have various applications and are subject to very different requirements. Conditions at humps also vary considerably. That is why, in terms of performance, retarders need to be of modular design. The basic elements remain should identical while their number and the length-dependent components can vary.


This design principle is consistently applied to Trackguard Retarder TW-F/TW-E retarders. Both lower main retarders and classification track retarders feature the same basic elements. They can be fitted to one or two rails and vary in their overall length.


These possibilities combine to make up a wide range of performance features – simplifying the planning procedure and enabling optimally-dimensioned systems to be implemented. The modular system also considerably cuts down on costs related to storing spare parts and maintenance.

How do Trackguard TW-F/TW-E retarders operate?

In combination with a computer control system, clasp retarders are key when it comes to the accurate and efficient movement and sorting of wagons across humps, classification zones, and shunting routes.

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Product information - Trackguard TKG piston retarders

For economical maintenance and installation

TKG piston retarders by Siemens Mobility are known for their long life spans and favorable cost of ownership. They feature a high-quality build and a unique, maintenance-friendly design. For example, worn-out pistons can be replaced separately.

Main benefits

  • Low operating costs
  • Low emission levels
  • Good operational on-site adjustability
  • Maintenance-friendly as worn-out pistons can be replaced without having to dismount the entire retarder
  • Specific speed control
  • Retractable for locomotive runs

How do TKG piston retarders operate?

Piston retarders have, for a long time, been a reliable way to control speed on sidings and in marshaling yards

Piston retarders are primarily used in speed control systems for deceleration and coasting runs. Trackguard TKG piston retarders are automatically controlled by a hydraulic valve system in the damper and need not be supplied with power. The hydraulic damper is the active retarding element and is based on a speed-controlled valve system. Hydraulic dampers can be permanently set to different response rates and damper forces.

'Trackguard Retarders' product brochure



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