Digital technologies for rail electrification

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Increase availability, performance and efficiency

Digitalization is critical for increasing reliability, flexibility and availability – and for ensuring the cost efficiency of rail solutions. It is the most efficient lever for meeting the continuously increasing requirements on the rail. With digital technologies from Siemens, you implement solutions for making mobility more flexible. In doing so, you benefit from independent consulting and from systems which can be easily interconnected – including maximum protection against physical interventions and IT manipulations.

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Digital technologies

Value added for you – and your customers

Trains keep moving with our digital technologies for rail electrification. These are innovative solutions to maximize the availability of your systems, ensure cost-efficient operations.

Drive the next level of intelligent, digitalized traction power network for efficient, sustainable and secure railways – with SFC Analyzer, Arc Analyzer, and Stray Current Monitoring.

Drive the next level of intelligent, digitalized traction power network 

Improve operation and maintenance – with Sidytrac RT, iEMS, and AssetMon. 

Improve operation and maintenance

Use your customer specific connection to send data to Siemens MindSphere – with our solutions for connectivity. 

Use customer specific connection 


The collection and transmission of data is always the first step for a digital solution. In traction power supply systems a lot of data is already generated on field device level, e.g. in the protection devices. Depending on the respective application and the foreseen use cases there are various connectivity options which can be used. However, certain standards are used to establish cyber secure connections and allow cost efficient connectivity.

Seamless security guaranteed

IT security with the digital railway

Railways are and stay the safest means of transportation. Through digitalization, they can increase this lead and break new ground to fully leverage the competitive advantages of rail transportation.

But digitalization increasingly come with the need of IT security. Solutions that protect systems against physical interventions and IT manipulations. Siemens Mobility Services offers you a comprehensive concept for IT security – from risk analysis to continuous monitoring and IT security training.

Your advantage: Our IT security concept can be used in a modular manner. First of all, you can professionally assess your status and detect „open doors“ before undesired cyber visitors do. If desired, we harden your system, eliminate weaknesses and incorporate security technologies. Events which are relevant for IT security are detected during ongoing operations and indicated by special software solutions. Of course, we offer training on topics such as personnel, processes and technologies. The Siemens Rail Academy is an experienced partner to assist you.

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More availability, performance, efficiency

Digital technologies for rail electrification

With our digital technologies for rail electrification, we set the paths for rail traffic of the future. After all, you implement solutions which make mobility more flexible and travel more comfortable. Benefit from systems which can be easily interconnected, from maximum protection against physical interventions and IT manipulations as well as from independent consulting.

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