Is your traction power network performing at its best?

Our digital solutions enable reliable decision-making while guiding you to a future-oriented rail electrification.
Digital Solutions from Siemens Mobility

Traction power networks are the focus of tomorrow's mobility.

Urbanization, climate change, the pandemic and demographic changes are placing new demands on the mobility industry. Local and long-distance rail transportation are now increasingly the focus of attention for politicians and the public. The expansion of the rail systems in turn presents you as an operator with new challenges. Entire infrastructures have to be modernized, adapted or completely rebuilt in the shortest possible time. Our digital solutions can help you with this transformation process. They create a reliable basis for decision-making and advance the network expansion through digitization.
Let reliable analysis help you make better decisions

Sidytrac Live serves the efficiency you need for your rail electrification

With growing challenges on your traction power network, your day-to-day operations need to rely on a system that constantly simulates a future state, providing a prognosis to take the right actions at the right time. Sidytrac® Live offers you the forecast simulations you need, in real-time and come highly tailored to your own operating state. By giving you an outlook on potential errors and solutions for prevention, our system will consistently drive your efficiency rate up. Your control, maintenance and optimisation options are broad, ranging from visualisation of network status to decision making consultation in acute situations, to load flow management optimisation and much more.

The perks at a glance:

Forecast simulations offering transparency

  • Real-time capability enables flexible forecasting of system utilization and energy consumption
  • Early feedback on critical system status such as network failures and energy consumption
  • Quicker decision-making
  • Avoidance of component failures and disruptions of operation

Scenario-based analysis offering decision-making support

  • Analysis of “what-if-scenarios” for training purposes and maintenance or exceptional emergency situations
  • Demonstration of the effectiveness of the measures taken through simulations

Optimization of load flow management and protection

  • Facilitating analysis to avoid peak loads and optimize timetables
  • Security settings check in switch mode

Increasing profitability and efficiency

  • Increase system reliability, availability and load limit
  • Optimal energy demand planning through forecasting to deliver cost efficiencies
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