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Sustainable – on track to the future

Tomorrow’s travel won’t be based on technology from the past. That’s why Siemens Mobility is leading the way with alternative drives for multiple-unit trainsets and emissions-reducing locomotives that are battery-operated, fuel cell-operated, and take advantage of both drive options.
The power of railways

More sustainable thanks to alternative drives

One sign of a sustainable solution is that it supports the progress of all its stakeholders. In the case of railways, this means passengers, operators, nearby residents, and the environment. Siemens Mobility rigorously applies this comprehensive approach to its alternative drive concepts for multiple-unit trainsets and locomotives. Electric drives are quiet, efficient, clean, and reliable – and can be totally carbon-free thanks to sustainably generated electricity. At the same time, Vectron Dual Mode makes an important contribution to sustainable freight transport, because it takes advantage of electricity wherever possible to reduces carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter emissions.
Tomorrow’s technology today

Flexibility for any transportation requirements

With Siemens Mobility, the future is built in. This means that when you choose Mireo Plus B or H or Vectron Dual Mode, you’re choosing the optimal solution for your transportation requirements. With Vectron Dual Mode, you’re also benefitting from the flexibility of the drive technology, for example in order to open up new routes for freight transport.

Vectron Dual Mode – more ecological at a lower cost

With Vectron Dual Mode, we’ve extended the diesel-electric principle to include a pantograph and a transformer. As a result, locomotives have access to traction power of up to 2,000 kW both under diesel traction and overhead line operation. For operators, this immediately pays off in several ways: First, the lifecycle costs of an e-locomotive are lower than those of a diesel locomotive by a factor of three. Second, Vectron Dual Mode makes it possible to start freight transport under diesel traction when no overhead line is available. If the train needs to enter or traverse an urban area, it can simply switch to the emission-free electric drive based on green energy so that issues such as bans on diesel vehicles, CO2 emissions, and particulate matter emissions are practically eliminated.

Mireo Plus – decarbonize locally and regionally while underway

Even highly developed networks like those in Germany can justify electrification of only around 50 percent of their routes. Mireo Plus is the answer in terms of flexibility, range, and efficiency. Its modular, scalable traction system integrates fuel cells and batteries in order to cover the entire range of regional and local tasks. Thanks to its light-weight design and high on-board energy efficiency, it consumes up to 25 percent less energy than trains with a comparable passenger capacity. Mireo Plus can be designed as a fully hydrogen-powered train for longer, non-electrified sections, or as a battery-electric train for partially electrified routes and for any combination in between – and it’s consistently emission-free with green energy.

Customized solutions

Future track: sustainable freight and passenger traffic

Regardless of whether your rails carry freight or passengers, the various drive solutions from Siemens Mobility offer you a clever alternative that sets new standards in terms of operating costs, flexibility, and comfort.

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More sustainability in rail transport – join us

Our solutions for sustainable mobility are as innovative as they are customized. Obviously, all we can provide here is a broad outline of what a solution might look like. To learn more about the specific benefits of a mobility project tailored to your individual requirements, contact the experts at Siemens Mobility.