Commuter and regional trains from Siemens

Energy-efficient, reliable, and economical. With intelligent, flexible concepts for commuter and regional trains, you can meet current and future challenges and help shape the future of commuter and regional services – regardless of the area of application or available connections to other forms of transportation.

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A train that intelligently combines it all

  • Innovative train platform for premium-class commuters
  • Lower weight, more freedom of movement, shorter construction time, optimized components
  • Vehicles, maintenance and financing from a single source

Desiro City

Evolution in motion

  • Platform for maximum flexibility, perfect comfort, and low energy consumption
  • Specifically developed for the British market
  • Proven in practice at high capacities

Desiro Verve

Putting proven technology on the fast track

  • Innovative platform concept for British intercity services
  • Lightweight construction ensures less track wear and energy consumption
  • Roomy, modular, and maintenance-friendly
Desiro HC

Desiro HC

Smart combination, high capacity

  • Flexible train solution that combines the strengths of single- and double-deck cars
  • Unites comfort, capacity, attractiveness, and efficiency
  • Low energy costs thanks to optimized energy management

Desiro RUS

Innovation on rails

  • Reliable, versatile train for commuter, regional, and interregional service
  • Optimally adapted to the special infrastructure and operating conditions in Russia
  • Built to withstand temperatures as low as -40° Celsius
Desiro ML ÖBB Cityjet eco

Hybrid drive systems 

Sustainable regional rail service – even catenary-free

  • Stricter emission regulations and anticipated increases in fuel prices force rail operators to search for a replacement for diesel multiple units (DMUs)
  • Train operation with hydrogen fuel cells enables long operating ranges and even CO2-free operation when using power from renewable sources
  • Thanks to energy savings and reduced lifecycle costs, the operation of our battery-powered trains is extremely cost-effective
2020-12-09 Webinar Hydrogen as one-stop shop
Commuter and regional trains

Flexible train concepts for the future

People want to stay mobile – and preferably be as comfortable, flexible, and eco-friendly as possible in the process. Thanks to intelligent train concepts, you can fulfill these desires. And more: Platforms like Desiro and Mireo offer you new entrepreneurial freedom and your customers a totally new quality of ride.

Faster arrival, easier customized planning, more mobility

The train family

A train that intelligently combines it all

At once energy-efficient, flexible, highly responsive, and profitable: The Mireo intelligently combines all the requirements of operators, buyers, and passengers. At the same time, it offers a lower weight, greater freedom of movement, shorter construction time, and optimized components. Our innovative platform provides maximum added value for mass-transit and regional service.

The proven, flexible train family

Greater comfort and safety meets outstanding reliability. With the trailblazing Desiro family of trains, you’re well prepared for every requirement. These innovative trains are guaranteed to be more attractive and increase customer satisfaction. Whether they’re used in commuter, urban, suburban or regional service – the Desiro family increases flexibility and quality, optimizes your costs, and maximizes economic feasibility.

Advancing rail service with custom solutions

To meet every local and regional service challenge, Siemens also develops innovative customized solutions on request. These solutions also guarantee a high degree of future viability, reliability, and advanced technology.

For example, as part of a consortium we’re supplying up to 1,380 cars to S-Bahn Berlin GmbH for the Berlin commuter rail system. Siemens is responsible for the entire electrical equipment of the project, from the drive and brake system and the on-board power supply to the vehicle control, train protection and passenger information system, and even the bogies.


The Desiro family: deployed around the world

Whether in Great Britain, Germany, or Russia – trains of the Desiro family are being deployed worldwide and impress with their safety, efficiency, and reliability.


Commuter and regional trains from Siemens

With intelligent, flexible concepts for commuter and regional trains, you can meet current and future challenges and help shaping the future of local, regional, and feeder service.

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