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More and more people are moving to urban areas. Those who live sustainably in the city often dispense with cars, but not with mobility – because powerful, modern, punctual, eco-friendly trains ease the transition. Trains like the ones in the Desiro family.

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Desiro family

Set a course for the future

Greater comfort, a higher level of safety, and outstanding reliability: With the trendsetting Desiro family of trains, you’re perfectly equipped for the future. The innovative trains guarantee greater customer appeal and therefore greater customer satisfaction. Regardless of whether they’re deployed in commuter networks, regional railways, or for feeder services – with the Desiro family, you increase flexibility and quality, optimize your costs, and ensure maximum economy.
Desiro City

Desiro City – evolution in motion

The Desiro City has proven its worth in the UK with maximum flexibility, perfect comfort, and low energy consumption. Thanks to its lightweight construction, bogies, and intelligent vehicle control system, you can reduce your total energy consumption by up to 50 percent compared with the predecessor models.

Desiro City sets standards in commuter service in Great Britain

The Desiro City was specifically developed for the commuter market in Great Britain, where both train operators and commuters are confronted with tremendous challenges. Commuter trains have to link suburbs and cities and also provide fast, punctual service in downtown areas. This requires flexible, innovative systems that make the best possible use of available resources.

The Desiro City has shown its worth by transporting high volumes of passengers with frequent, irregular stops on a wide variety of routes. Its technology and ultramodern equipment guarantee high availability and reliability along with profitable operation – while also providing you with better cost-efficiency.

Desiro Verve

Desiro Verve – putting proven technology on the fast track

Meet a platform concept that combines innovative high-speed perfor­mance with a proven high level of flexibility. Like its experienced family member Desiro City, the Desiro Verve offers the right configuration for every route. This is achieved by a single-car concept where each motor car is equipped with all the necessary traction components. As a lightweight vehicle, the Desiro Verve guarantees lower track usage and energy consumption. At the same time, the train features reduced maintenance efforts, which leads to all in all less operational costs.

Desiro Verve – more cost effective and flexible than conventional intercity solutions

Environmentally friendly, quiet, and state of the art: The Desiro Verve has been designed with efficiency in mind. It delivers excellent recycling characteristics, reduced energy consumption, and less noise and green­house gas emissions – based on meticulous analysis and design iterations in order to significantly reduce the train’s weight.

Furthermore, the Desiro Verve creates a most pleasant and appealing travel experience for all types of passenger groups – and comfort doesn’t compromise capacity: The entire available interior space can be utilized in a flexible manner. This means increased passenger capacity compared with the present intercity rolling stock.

Desiro Verve

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Desiro HC

Desiro HC – for a high capacity

The Desiro HC is the flexible, future-proof solution for growing metropolitan regions that combines comfort and capacity and stands out thanks to its attractiveness and efficiency. With the Desiro HC, you invest in a flexible train solution that opens up new possibilities – for increasing passenger volumes, for changing routes, and for efficiency across the board.

Desiro HC combines a long service life with performance across the board

A service life of 30 years and more: The Desiro HC is designed for durability and for fast, efficient maintenance. All components and systems have demonstrated their reliability over millions of operating kilometers. Thanks to its lightweight construction, the Desiro HC saves traction power while energy management, LED lighting, and regenerative braking reduce power consumption on board. You not only protect the environment – you also keep your costs under control.

The single-deck cars of the Desiro HC are efficient, light, and guarantee optimal conditions for wheelchair accessibility. Its double-deck cars provide you with a significantly greater passenger capacity. Both car concepts offer a substantial number of seats and unobstructed areas as well as options for customization: Depending on your requirements, you can completely adapt the interior space to your needs. Its quick acceleration and wide doors guarantee a safe and punctual arrival, for a fast and unimpeded passenger flow at stations.

Desiro RUS

Desiro RUS – innovation on rails

The Desiro RUS features a modern, attractive design and a uniform architecture. As a reliable, versatile regional train or airport shuttle, it offers you impressive comfort and optimal safety. The Desiro RUS is a five-part, single-deck, single-car multiple unit that you can use in double traction. The light colors and panoramic visibility of the interior offer comfortable surroundings for passengers, personnel, and especially for those with restricted mobility.

Desiro RUS is the solution of choice for Russian mass transit systems, regional lines, and trans-regional lines

Russian Railways (RZD) has already ordered a fleet of 54 Desiro RUS trains. Specific operational requirements had to be factored in, as well as Russia’s climatic conditions, homologation regulations, and various infrastructure and operating conditions. For example, the vehicles are designed to withstand temperatures as low as ‑40° Celsius. The floor height, bogies, and track gauge were also customized.

Because some railway lines in Russia are electrified at 3 kV DC and others at 25 kV AC, the Desiro RUS is equipped with dual-voltage power supply traction equipment. This allows uninterrupted travel on routes with mixed power systems and offers maximum flexibility. The same applies to the interior design and passenger capacity.

On board the Desiro RUS, a powerful heating and ventilation system ensures pleasant ambient conditions and ensures fast temperature control. The car bodies are made of extruded aluminum profiles and feature air suspension, which provides a high level of comfort at any speed. Energy-absorbing and crash elements guarantee maximum protection. Its lightweight construction helps to significantly reduce power consumption. This is supported by an intelligent vehicle and traction control system.


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The Desiro family: deployed around the world

Whether in Great Britain, Germany, or Russia – trains of the Desiro family are being deployed worldwide and impress with their safety, efficiency, and reliability.

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The Desiro family: Switch to more customer appeal and customer satisfaction

Powerful, modern, punctual, and eco-friendly: You can rely on the Desiro family – the trendsetting train solution for light, regional, and commuter rail service.

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