Desiro HC

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Smart combination – high capacity

Growing metropolitan regions need flexible solutions like Desiro HC. It combines intelligent comfort and capacity – to ensure you’re ready for the future.

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Desiro HC

Efficient and multi-talented

Desiro HC is a flexible train solution that combines the best of both worlds: Single-deck cars are efficient and guarantee the best conditions for accessibility, whereas double-deck cars provide a significantly higher passenger capacity. With this versatile multi-talent, you can maximize your operational performance.

Combine the advantages of single-deck and double-deck concepts

The empty tube concept permits almost the same seating capacity as a driven double-deck car.

Intermediate cars with door widths of up to 1,800 mm create the ideal conditions for speedy passenger flows – step-free for 760 mm and 550 mm high platforms.

The ramp and step-free area between the bogies ensures an open intercar gangway – and an enhanced sense of safety for passengers.

Level entrances are guaranteed in the boarding area and throughout the low-floor passenger area – entirely without ramps or steps.

Comparison between a standard double-deck concept and the Desiro HC concept from Siemens
Easy accessibility for service personnel means shorter stays in the depot, because all the traction equipment is installed either on the car roof or under the floor. 

Flexible, energy-sensitive, efficient, future-ready – how is this possible?


Rely on scalable capacities for any application

  • Desiro HC is a four-to six-part single-car train.
  • It consists of modular, individually configurable units.
  • Different door widths can also be configured.

Provide barrier-free access for comfortable boarding

  • Barrier-free boarding: Step- and ramp-free access to end cars.
  • Barrier-free intermediate car: Stepless access to low-floor area in double-deck cars.
  • Different boarding heights in the intermediate car: Connected via TSI-compliant ramps.
  • Faster and safer passenger flow: Doorways have large gathering areas in each car (over 6 m²).
  • Room for bicycles and baggage: Thanks to multipurpose zones that are directly adjacent.

One train, many benefits


New maintenance philosophy

From the world’s first electric railway to the first eHighway, we’ve always been at our best when we’re able to actively shape the future. The same is true of our lifecycle concept. We have reimagined our maintenance philosophy. Thanks to preventive service and smart maintenance concepts, Desiro HC operators have reduced risk as well as trains that are ready to run every morning.

Siemens Mobility Services: Railigent® covers the entire supply chain

Railigent from Siemens Mobility Services enables you to analyze your rail data and generate valuable information in order to make the most of your systems.


Desiro HC in the field

Customers worldwide count on the fact that we will always develop the right solution to meet their needs. You, too, can rely on these solutions. Rely on Desiro HC.
Desiro HC enters station.

Experience that counts


Projects since 2015


Desiro HC cars ordered and in operation


Years that RRX has enjoyed full service

The fleets already in the field provide a reliable and highly available service. 


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