Mireo Plus H – the next generation of hydrogen trains

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The future of hydrogen technology starts today

A climate-friendly transportation transition is essential for dealing with climate change. In a joint project, Deutsche Bahn and Siemens Mobility are testing a brand-new complete system consisting of a newly developed train and a newly designed filling station. Siemens Mobility is developing the next generation of hydrogen trains that are based on the proven, high-performance Mireo commuter train, which is also used in battery-powered operation. Equipped with a fuel cell drive and a lithium-ion battery, it provides local, emission-free mobility on non-electrified routes. Learn all about this project and join us when we bring the future of hydrogen technology on rails. This page will provide you with regular updates on our project milestones.
Logo of Deutsche Bahn, which is working with Siemens Mobility on the development of a hydrogen train and the corresponding infrastructure.

Collaboration with Deutsche Bahn (DB)

Together with Deutsche Bahn we are working to advance climate-friendly transportation transition. For our joint project “H2goesRail”, DB is developing an innovative hydrogen filling station that enables a hydrogen train to refuel within the same time period as a diesel train. For more information, visit the Deutsche Bahn website.


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