The new Mireo

A train that intelligently combines it all

Urbanization, demographic changes, constantly increasing passenger traffic: As a train operator, you have to accommodate a wide variety of demands. How can you increase capacities but still reduce operating costs? How do you combine cost-effectiveness with sustainability? How do you remain adaptable while also ensuring maximum safety? The answer is the new Mireo®, a commuter train that intelligently combines it all. Mireo is the innovative platform for premium-class mass transit – energy-efficient, flexible, highly responsive, and profitable.

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Energy efficiency, flexibility, fast response times, profitability

Intelligence on rails

Lower weight, more freedom of movement, shorter construction times, optimized components: A lot of innovative ideas were developed by Siemens engineers to make the new Mireo a premium-class urban train. But it´s more than just the features that make this commuter train remarkable: It intelligently combines these features to provide operators with maximum added value.

Competitiveness combined with responsibility toward nature

Reduce energy costs and position yourself as a provider of sustainable mobility – naturally while also complying with all regulations. Our engineers designed the new Mireo to be energy efficient all along the line, from production to low-emission operation. This not only boosts your competitiveness but also makes your passengers feel good about their decisions which impact nature, thanks to reduced emissions, noise, and less use of resources.

How does the new Mireo use energy intelligently?

An empty tube combined with an abundance of possibilities

Utilize every centimeter for the benefit of your passengers and adapt to changing demands. With the new Mireo, Siemens embraces uncompromising flexibility. Siemens engineers have installed components only in the underfloor and on the roof to the greatest possible extent. This is a smart move, because this “empty tube principle” not only reduces your conversion and cleaning costs but also leaves you, the operator, with an abundance of utilization and configuration options – so you can respond flexibly to a dynamic market.

How does the new Mireo redefine flexibility?

Standardized components combined with multi-variant configurations

Now you can get on the rails faster and meet demands as they arise. Our engineers designed the new Mireo as an intelligent, modular system. They also reduced the number of components and simplified the cabling. For you as the operator, this means shorter time-to-market and reduced procurement costs combined with optimal use of variant configurations – for a faster response time both now and in the future.

How does the new Mireo get on the rails faster?

Maximum safety combined with optimized lifecycle costs

Vehicles, service, and financing from a single source: Mireo sets new standards in vehicle diagnostics and maintenance friendliness. Thanks to the intelligent recording of maintenance-related data, lifecycle and maintenance costs are reduced while safety and availability increase.

How does the new Mireo optimize vehicle diagnostics and maintenance?

Mireo Commuter and Regional Train VR

Explore an Augmented Reality journey through the new Mireo Commuter and Regional train. Choose from four different 360 degrees views to get a closer look of the train.

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    The new Mireo

    Intelligence on rails

    A train that intelligently combines all the requirements – energy efficiency, flexibility, fast response times, profitability. Discover the new Mireo.

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