Mireo – a train that intelligently combines it all

The Mireo commuter train travels through a landscape as a regional train in local traffic and offers train operators greater competitiveness.

As a train operator, you have to fulfill many demands. Mireo® is a commuter and regional train that intelligently meets all your requirements with a combination of energy-efficiency, flexibility, a fast response time, and profitability.

Intelligence on rails

Lower weight, more freedom of movement, shorter construction times, and optimized components: A lot of innovative ideas were developed by Siemens engineers to make the new Mireo a premium-class regional train. But it´s more than just the features that make this train remarkable: It intelligently combines these features to provide operators with maximum added value.

Competitiveness combined with responsibility toward nature

Reduce energy costs and position yourself as a provider of sustainable mobility – naturally while also complying with all regulations. Our engineers designed the new Mireo to be energy-efficient all along the line, from production to low-emission operation. During the planning phase, for example, they checked every component in order to save as much energy as possible with intelligent modifications – up to 25 percent less compared to trains with similar capacities.

This not only boosts your competitiveness but also makes your passengers feel good about their decisions that impact nature, thanks to reduced emissions, noise, and less use of resources. Plus, Mireo is also available with a battery or hydrogen drive and has a recycling rate of over 95 percent.

An empty tube with an abundance of possibilities

Utilize every centimeter for the benefit of your passengers and adapt to changing demands. With Mireo, Siemens is embracing uncompromising flexibility. Siemens engineers have installed components only in the underfloor and on the roof to the greatest possible extent.

This means that the space is fully available to passengers and can also be used for bicycles, strollers and wheelchairs if required. The interior can be converted again and again – without great effort. This is a smart move because this “empty tube principle” not only reduces your conversion and cleaning costs but also leaves you, the operator, with an abundance of utilization and configuration options – so you can respond flexibly to a dynamic market.

Standardized components combined with multi-variant configurations

Now you can get on the rails faster and meet demands as they arise. Our engineers designed Mireo as an intelligent, modular system. They also reduced the number of components and simplified the cabling – and this enables an increased delivery speed. Because Mireo is designed for efficient and cost-effective implementation. In addition, our engineers have reduced the number of components and simplified the cabling. Thanks to the variable configuration, you can still design Mireo individually – depending on your needs and requirements. The traction concept makes it expandable at any time.

For you as the operator, this means shorter time-to-market and reduced procurement costs combined with optimal use of variant configurations – for a faster response time both now and in the future.

Maximum safety combined with optimized lifecycle costs

Vehicles, service, and financing from a single source: Mireo sets standards in vehicle diagnostics and maintenance friendliness. The robust, low-maintenance components reduce maintenance costs.

The "Always Connected" system not only provides comprehensive information on board, but also provides maintenance-relevant information that predictively announces component wear.

Thanks to the intelligent recording of maintenance-related data, lifecycle and maintenance costs are reduced while safety and availability increase.

Mireo - the train that intelligently combines it all

Icon with energy efficiency and profitability
Optimized aerodynamics
Icon with energy efficiency, flexibility, fast response times and profitability
Bogie with inside bearings
Icon with energy efficiency

with increased efficiency level

Icon with energy efficiency, fast response times
Lightweight integral

in aluminum monocoque construction

Icon with flexibility, fast response times and profitability
Modular design

Minimal internal variation in components with maximum external variation in configurations

Icon with fast response times

Innovative train IT architecture

Icon with energy efficiency, flexibility, fast response times and profitability
Empty tube

Components installed underfloor or on the roof

Icon with flexibility, fast response times and profitability
Entrance heights

of 600 and 800 mm that can be subsequently adapted

Icon with energy efficiency, flexibility, fast response times and profitability
Adaptable passenger capacity

with different car body lengths and train configurations (2- to 7-part trainset possible, ~ 50–150 m), scalable traction concept with ECO, Midi, and Speedy options (Vmax 140/160 km/h) – for commuter trains, Regio, InterRegio

Icon with flexibility and profitability
Diagnostics and maintenance

Fast and accurate recording of vehicle data

Icon with energy efficiency and profitability
"Always Connected" 

Comprehensive information for traction unit drivers, railway and service personnel, and passengers

Energy efficiency all along the line

With Mireo, you consistently reduce your energy costs, meet national and international legal requirements, and position yourself as a provider of low-emission mobility.

Flexible areas of application thanks to variable traction concepts

Mireo focuses on uncompromising flexibility. Maximum capacity thanks to the intelligent "empty tube" concept. You can always adapt your fleet to changing requirements.


The attractive design of Mireo

Timeless – yet modern and forward-looking: This is how the design of the new Mireo can be described. The front of the vehicle has been optimized from an aerodynamic point of view. Its streamlined and compact design creates an attractive long-distance effect. The design is such that you enjoy every freedom. Design Mireo within the normative requirements of the TSI PRM according to your wishes and in your corporate design – whether exterior or interior. For a strong appearance of your brand.

Bogie with inside bearings

Mireo – a train that intelligently combines all the requirements. Take, for example, the innovative bogie with inside bearings. Our engineers rigorously refined the proven bogie to create the SF 7500-type bogie with inside bearings. 

Additional bogie features   

Rail guard

  • Removes smaller objects lying on the tracks

Wheel flange lubrication system

  • Reduces wear between wheel flange and rail
  • Prevents disturbing noise, especially on tighter curve radii 

Bogie diagnostics

  • Permits an optimized maintenance strategy for customer-specific circulation of the fleet
Mireo is winner for the 13th German Sustainability Award Design.

This is what winners look like! Mireo wins the German Sustainability Award 2021

Done! Mireo wins the German Sustainability Award Design 2021 having demonstrated the transformation potential needed to win in this category. "Siemens Mobility's innovative Mireo regional and commuter train combines passenger appeal with environmental friendliness and economy at a high level of design and functionality," the jury claimed. "An exemplary concept in every respect that can make train travel more attractive again for many." We are so excited to receive this feedback, and it will fuel us in the year ahead!


New maintenance philosophy

From the world’s first electric railway to the first eHighway, we’ve always been at our best when we’re able to actively shape the future. The same is true of our lifecycle concept. We have reimagined our maintenance philosophy. Thanks to preventive service and smart maintenance concepts, Mireo operators have reduced risk as well as trains that are ready to run every morning.
Mireo drives through a city, virtual layers show digital services.

Siemens Mobility Services: Railigent® covers the entire supply chain

Railigent from Siemens Mobility Services enables you to analyze your rail data and generate valuable information in order to make the most of your systems.

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A train that intelligently combines all the requirements – energy efficiency, flexibility, fast response times, profitability. Discover Mireo now.