Mireo Plus B – A pioneering step into the future

Mireo Plus B steht auf den Schienen in einer Landschaft

The Mireo Plus B battery hybrid train features operation that is extremely cost- and energy-efficient as well as locally emission-free. This makes it ideal for modern, European regional transport as a smart alternative to conventional diesel multiple units, especially on non-electrified or only partially electrified lines.

Mireo Plus B – Hybrid train for regional and commuter transport

As a member of the Mireo family, Mireo Plus B offers all the special features of the proven commuter and regional train on a hybrid platform, including energy-saving operation, a flexible interior design, and economical maintenance and lifecycle costs. With its modular, high-performance battery system, it achieves a range of 80 to 120 km in battery mode.

As powerful as an EMU

The Mireo platform has a high-performance traction system that enables the Mireo Plus B to reach a maximum speed of 160 km/h, both in battery mode and under a contact line. Also in terms of acceleration, the Mireo Plus B doesn’t lag behind, with a tremendous 1.1 m/s².

The Mireo Plus B from Siemens Mobility is climate-friendly, powerful, and quiet, and delivers significant CO2 savings because it replaces diesel with battery power
Dr. Elmar Zeiler, Head of Regional Trains at Siemens Mobility

What makes the Mireo Plus B so special

A major advantage of the hybrid battery-powered Mireo Plus B compared to diesel multiple units is that there are no local CO2 emissions in operation. It is also much more energy-efficient because its batteries are recharged via regenerative braking. This makes it extremely cost-effective over its entire service life.


When charging the long-lasting battery, Mireo Plus B takes full advantage of the existing infrastructure. The procedure doesn’t necessarily have to take place at the charging point at the terminal stop, but is also possible via the existing overhead contact line or on the recharging section – even during operation.


Highlights at a glance:

  • Just as powerful as an EMU
  • Extremely energy-efficient and power-saving thanks to SiC (silicon carbide) technology
  • Flexible charging options
  • Low lifecycle costs

For demanding operational requirements without a continuous overhead catenary

Flexible battery sizes

Long ranges are possible thanks to flexible battery sizes.

Long-lasting LTO technology

Batteries are extremely long-lasting thanks to the LTO technology used.

Maximum speed

Speeds of up to 160 km/h are possible, in both electric and battery mode.

Overhead catenary operation

Overhead catenary operation at 15 kV/16.7 Hz or 25 kV/50 Hz.

Mireo Plus B in the field

With the Mireo Plus B, more and more operators are paving the way for climate-friendly regional rail transport.

Expert service throughout the entire lifecycle

Our goal is to actively shape the future of mobility – a goal that we also consistently pursue with our lifecycle concept. We have reimagined our maintenance philosophy. Thanks to preventive service and smart maintenance concepts, Mireo operators take on zero risk and have trains that are ready to run every morning.

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A battery train that intelligently combines all the requirements – energy efficiency, flexibility, fast response times, profitability. Discover Mireo Plus B now.