Mireo Plus H – The next generation of hydrogen trains

Mireo Plus H steht auf den Schienen vor einem Depot.

With Mireo Plus H, Siemens Mobility is continuing the Mireo success story. This hydrogen train is the smart alternative to diesel multiple units and a trailblazer for emission-free operation on long-distance routes without an overhead contact line. At the same time, it features all the qualities of Mireo, including energy efficiency, a flexibly adaptable interior design, and low maintenance and lifecycle costs.

Mireo Plus H Rollout

H2goesRail: A joint project with Deutsche Bahn

Siemens Mobility is working with DB to advance the climate-friendly transportation transition and to bring about the future of hydrogen technology on rails. For the “H2goesRail” joint project, DB is developing an innovative hydrogen filling station.

Mireo Plus H – for a cleaner, emission-free operation

Quiet and clean, Mireo Plus H combines reliable, sustainable traction with superior passenger comfort and optimal cost-efficiency in life cycle costs. But what makes it exceptionally suitable is the fact that right from the start, it was developed specifically for operation with a fuel cell. This means environmentally-friendly operation with no emissions.

Decarbonize all your regional transport – even without an overhead line

Mireo Plus H includes everything you need to operate independently of an overhead contact line, including an optimally dimensioned and safe hydrogen tank, an efficient fuel cell for generating clean electricity, and powerful drives for extremely high acceleration values. The hydrogen train operates without local emissions. Even refueling with hydrogen takes no longer than it does with a comparable diesel multiple unit.


If you fuel with green hydrogen generated from renewable sources, you can even achieve zero CO2 emissions.

Operate sustainably with hydrogen – thanks to a higher power density

Hydrogen is an excellent energy source with a high power density. In other words, a very large amount of energy per volumetric unit can be stored in hydrogen and recovered in the fuel cell as electricity. This means that within the Siemens Mobility portfolio of hybrid drive systems for commuter and regional trains, Mireo Plus H is the one most suited for long-distance routes.

Hydrogen is a sustainable raw material. The hydrogen drive is extremely quiet, and just as powerful as conventional drives.
Albrecht Neumann, CEO Rolling Stock at Siemens Mobility

Fuel cells for long operating ranges 

Due to their high power density, hydrogen trains typically require one tank stop at the depot per day, especially for ranges over 120 km. Two train lengths are available: two-car units for ranges up to 600 km and three-car units for ranges between 800 and 1,000 km.


Your benefits with Mireo Plus H:

  • EMU performance
  • Extremely energy-efficient and power-saving thanks to SiC (silicon carbide) technology
  • Maximum speed of 160 km/h
  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Highly efficient fuel cell enabling long ranges
  • Long-lasting batteries thanks to LTO technology
  • Smart system for fast refueling

Discover the components and the benefits of Mireo Plus H using our interactive graphic

Drive system

· The wheels are driven by converter-fed induction generators.

· Power is supplied via a power converter and comes from a fuel cell and/or high-performance traction battery.

Next-generation fuel cell

· The modern fuel cell has twice the power density of conventional fuel cell systems.

· Its long life makes the system essentially future-proof. 

Hydrogen tank

· The tank can be filled in 15 minutes (innovative system for fast refueling).

· Communication between the train and filling station is managed via a smart interface. 

SiC technology

· The power converter and auxiliary converter are equipped with highly efficient SiC technology, among other things.

· This increases efficiency, saves energy, and reduces noise emissions. 

High-performance traction battery

· The traction battery relies on cutting-edge lithium-ion technology, is very safe, and has an extremely long life.

· Excess energy from braking operations is buffered in the battery. 

Mireo Plus H in the field

With the Mireo Plus H, more and more operators are paving the way for climate-friendly regional rail transport.

Expert service throughout the entire lifecycle

Our goal is to actively shape the future of mobility – a goal that we also consistently pursue with our lifecycle concept. We have reimagined our maintenance philosophy. Thanks to preventive service and smart maintenance concepts, Mireo operators take on zero risk and have trains that are ready to run every morning.

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A hydrogen train that intelligently combines all the requirements – energy efficiency, flexibility, fast response times, profitability. Discover Mireo Plus H now.