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Modern rail vehicles require perfect details

Siemens Mobility is a single-source supplier of a complete range of electrical and mechanical components and system solutions for propulsion systems, bogies, and onboard power supply for modern rail vehicles. Take advantage of our many years of experience worldwide with railway systems and vehicles. The large number of components of the same design in Siemens Mobility's complete vehicles enables us to offer you fully developed products as well as cost effectiveness thanks to high quantities. In other words, you benefit from both proven quality and economically favorable conditions.

Optimized for the application

Versatility is our strength

Regardless of which rail vehicle you choose, drives, bogies, brakes, and power supplies from Siemens Mobility are the first choice worldwide. With maximum performance in the available installation space, with the greatest cost-effectiveness and optimal quality, we supply reliable systems and components for light rail vehicles and trams, metro systems and APMs, regional, and high-speed trains, as well as locomotives, passenger coaches, and electric buses – ensuring comfort and cost-effectiveness.


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