MoComp Bogie Diagnostic Solution

Bogies are a central component responsible for safe, reliable, and convenient operation and are critical elements in ensuring a rail vehicle’s economic success. They determine over one-third of the vehicle’s lifecycle costs. What if their future maintenance could be condition-based and predictive? 

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In-operation diagnostics – for improved service quality

The MoComp Bogie Diagnostic Solution starts working during operation, which means that condition data is continually available landside when the train enters the depot for servicing. As a result, every step of a procedure can be precisely planned and every spare part can be made available. Unlike sporadic data collection that only occurs when the vehicle is being serviced, continuous data acquisition also lays the optimal foundation for detecting long-term trends early on.

For new and existing vehicles

The MoComp Bogie Diagnostic Solution is a comprehensive, scalable solution for diagnosing all bogie components that are relevant to train availability and lifecycle costs. The wired version’s area of application covers new Siemens vehicles and components. The wireless product line is an innovative solution for retrofits and new vehicles. Both versions have functions for generating dedicated work orders in the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Diagnosing what’s most important

Thanks to its modular system architecture, the MoComp Bogie Diagnostic Solution can be coordinated with a variety of applications and customer requirements. In addition to diagnosing the entire bogie – including the drive, wheelset, and bogie coupling elements – bogie and drive diagnostics can also be efficiently limited to the rotating components (drive and wheelset) or just the drive.

Digitalized maintenance

Preventing unscheduled downtime is just one of the goals of the MoComp Bogie Diagnostic Solution. It also improves maintenance overall by using information technology. Because the data is collected continuously, it also requires a suitable infrastructure – ideally a combination of edge and cloud computing.

Trend analyses included

The cloud offers excellent options, especially for long-term condition analyses. Simple diagnostic tasks involving up-to-date sensor data can also be implemented with a less powerful edge solution. By visualizing the data, the connection to the open Railigent X Mobility Application Suite helps direct users’ attention to the most essential diagnostic information and supports the analysis and planning of maintenance activities.


Predict and prevent failures

Activities can also be better planned because the analytical algorithms in the MoComp Bogie Diagnostic Solution filter out random and non-recurring events and essentially restrict the analysis to service-relevant data. The algorithms used for these purposes are based on Siemens Mobility’s collective vehicle and bogie expertise and can predict failures.

Optimize maintenance intervals

Improved safety, lower service costs

Part of an ECM2’s responsibility lies in checking maintenance intervals during actual operation and redefining them appropriately. It’s better to not just rely on empirical values but also on reliable operational data– thanks to the MoComp Bogie Diagnostic Solution. Longer intervals allow operators to optimize availability as well as required material and personnel. In addition, it is more cost-effective to plan preventive measures than to take corrective measures.

Enabled by Mobility Application Suites

The MoComp Bogie Diagnostic Solution typically employs the open Railigent X Mobility Application Suite’s user interface. The Application Suite provides users of bogie and drive diagnostics with a detailed overview of the fleet’s condition and the condition of the bogies (travel comfort and running stability) and their components (actual condition and remaining service life).

On that basis, the maintenance team or operator can draw the right conclusions from the diagnostic information and only needs additional support from the manufacturer in exceptional cases. Railigent X provides access to the analyzed bogie diagnostic data, and the vehicle itself can also be connected to a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), which allows work orders to be generated directly and automatically from the data.

In addition, the vehicle- and task-specific planning of maintenance activities helps ensure efficient vehicle management. The automatically generated reports and work orders also help simplify maintenance management.


The MoComp Bogie Diagnostic Solution in service