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Optimal brake systems require more than just the right technology. They also need the experience and perspective of a vehicle manufacturer who thoroughly understands your requirements and works with you to develop the optimal brake system for your vehicle. We provide all the necessary expertise and functions from a single source, with offerings that cover project management, engineering, logistics, testing and validation, commissioning, approval support, and support throughout the entire project duration, including spare parts supply for your brake system. With our comprehensive testing options, we ensure that the brake system meets all project requirements and complies with the highest quality standards.

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Best brake performance

The ideal solution for your brake system

In order to provide the ideal brake solution for your application, we cooperate closely with proven suppliers of the rolling stock business. A seamless support throughout the complete project lifetime is ensured by our team in Erlangen, Krefeld, Vienna and Graz, which is working in the areas of project management, engineering, logistics, testing, validation, commissioning and homologation support.
Control of auxiliaries and other required components

• Design and flexible arrangement of other required components for the completion of the brake-system and supply of auxilliary functions (air spring, pantograph, horn, etc.)

Brake equipment bogie

• Design and integration of complete bogie-brake-equipment e.g. block-brake, disc-brakes and magnetic-rail-brake

• Optimization of friction pairing (disc to pad and block to wheel) for best brake performance, safety and wear

Compressed air supply

Highly integrated solution for compressed air generation and conditioning developed together with railway proven suppliers

• Optimized Compressor Management for project- or customer-specific requirements

• Highest flexibility during operation due to the implementation of frequency converters for compressor operation (adapted air volume, optimized energy consumption)

• Enhanced diagnostics, centrally available

Pneumatic brake-control

• Flexible solutions for car- and bogie-wise brake control

• Maintenance friendly, weight- and space-optimized integration of all components (pressure tanks, etc.)

• Enhanced diagnostics, centrally available

Wheel slide protection

• Proven and EG/UIC certified wheel slide protection system SIBAS GS Kompakt consisting of wheel slide protection control unit (as part of the brake control unit), wheel slide protection valves and speed sensor

Sensor technology and diagnostics

• Proven diagnostic concept for safeguarding of correct brake functionality and supply compressed air

• Brake-system-monitoring and diagnostics enable a condition based maintenance

Electronic brake control and wheel slide protection control

Core and central control unit

• Powerful brake control unit with integrated EG/UIC certified wheel slide protection functionality

• Integration of traction control function possible

• Enhanced diagnostics, centrally available

Optimized for your requirements

Brake system expertise as well-known rail vehicle manufacturer

For Siemens MoComp Brake systems, quality and performance is a matter of course. Our success on the global market as a recognized manufacturer of complete vehicles and railway components is the confirmation. In close cooperation together with you, we design the optimal brake systems for your vehicles.

Innovative solutions for your application

Brake systems from Siemens Mobility feature innovative and economic system solutions. Cross discipline optimization generates additional benefits. Especially  in combination with Siemens Mobility drive systems and bogies high synergies are reachable. Thanks to innovative software and hardware solutions such as online modeling we ensure project- and customer-specific optimization of vehicle operation.

The economic overall concept – for the entire lifecycle

By a robust design,  minimized brake wear (blending), economic after-sales conditions and a high degree of flexibility we enable the optimal implementation of your individual requirements for operation and maintenance.
Our brake system monitoring, with its diagnostic accuracy and integration into the vehicle’s and customer’s diagnostic networks, supports you on your path to condition-based maintenance.

With the experience of a rail vehicle manufacturer

As a system supplier, we guarantee compliance with the highest requirements regarding reliability and safety for your brake system.
With the experience as a rail vehicle manufacturer beyond the brake system we keep all the necessary expertise and functions consolidated under one roof. Our  Know-how concerning the integration of vehicle- , bogie-  and drive architectures ensure the highest level of interface expertise.

Our claim: top quality and reliability

We achieve top quality and reliability through the use of state-of-the-art tools. At our own test facility and with realistic vehicle simulations, we test many functions even before testing them on the physical train. In this way, we enable trouble-free commissioning and shorten costly commissioning times. In addition to tests required by standards, our accredited software testing laboratory guarantees in advance an optimal interplay between software and hardware, thanks to additional tests at the system level. We go the extra mile to test more than standard.

The Siemens air-free  brake system

The innovative Siemens air-free brake system is far more than just an alternative to conventional air brake systems that have been used in rail vehicles for over 150 years. It is already proving its worth in one of the first series projects in the Metro domain. The brake system essentially comprises a brake control unit and electrically controlled airless brake actuators. This means that the vehicle brake system operates completely independent of compressed air. The weight, the space required in the vehicle and maintenance costs (LCC) have been able to be significantly reduced as a result of the considerably lower number of components.

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