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Passenger Information Plus
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The New Definition of Passenger Information

Can trains actually do more than transport passengers from A to B? They can – with an information service from top to bottom. We’ve rethought the public transportation of the future and offer you a seamless passenger experience, embedded in a smart information architecture. Passenger Information Plus (PI+) enables you to accelerate passenger flows and control them efficiently – for example with real-time-based interruption management, dynamic passenger information, an adaptive human-machine interface, and directional displays for elevators and exits – calculated according to traffic volume and passenger location. Flexibly provided in real time. Protected from external attacks by certified lifelong cybersecurity.

Innovation for the smart cities of tomorrow

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With Passenger Information Plus, you will launch a new kind of passenger experience. Our system ensures perfect data fusion between various sources such as train, operation control, infrastructure, real-time online, and offline data – transported with the latest design ideas and made to maximize your potential.

Key benefits

Intelligent Performance for Your Passengers

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Current Use Case of Passenger Information Plus

Tomorrow's passenger experience –in use today. Discover where Passenger Information Plus is already proving its capabilities.

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