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Remote Configuration
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Complete IT Control with Remote Configuration

What if you could switch on your trains remotely, with drivers boarding only a few minutes before service begins? What if you could save on energy costs by turning down the HVAC on all your trains on a cool day? The Remote Configuration feature allows you to control your trains’ IT systems directly from the wayside operations centers. With with this pioneering Train IT functionality, you can wake up parked trains and adjust settings during their journey – for a single train or for your entire fleet. Increase passenger comfort by closing doors sooner during cold weather or by adjusting the lighting patterns on a dark day. Save precious staff time, and do many things during operation that would otherwise require a maintenance stop.

Enable better use of staff time

Wake up your trains remotely. And save time for driver and crew by only having them board when the vehicle is ready to roll.

Make your passengers feel right at home

Adjust the air-conditioning systems to each day´s temperature, or change the lighting patterns to match the season – for individual trains or for your entire fleet at once.

Execute predefined commands remotely or automatically

Start livestreaming CCTV when crowds of football fans board your train. Download video recordings while your train has good network coverage. Or run an IT systems check during the journey – everything over secure connections.

Your train´s operator settings – just one click away

Access your trains easily from your wayside operations center and control the things that matter for efficiency and passenger comfort. Waking up your trains remotely, shortening door opening times on a cold day, or running self-test routine on an onboard IT system – trigger these actions based on train location, time of day, events, or simply whenever you need them. Train IT's Security Gateway and a certified secure network architecture protect you from cyberattacks. State-of-the-art encryption and digital signatures shield your trains and your data from snooping and interference.

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Current Use Cases of Remote Configuration

Tomorrow's customer comfort – today in use. Discover where our Remote Configuration Services prove their capabilities.

Learn about Digital Train Solutions

Digital Train Solutions from Siemens Mobility use secure and seamless IT solutions to create more value for passengers, operators and maintainers.

Train IT

Take the lead over the competition – with powerful, future-oriented IT systems for your trains. With this fully integrated solution, you control your vehicles from one central point – and get full access to all train data in one place.


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