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Boost your fleet's efficiency – with Train IT

Take the lead over the competition – with powerful, future-proof IT systems for your trains. Control your vehicles from your wayside operations center with fully integrated IT solutions, and optimize your operations with a broad range of train data. With its robust structure and streamlined architecture, Train IT delivers optimal reliability, availability, and security. With every Train IT vehicle, you benefit from the experience that Siemens Mobility has built up through dozens of customer projects. Power up your business with Train IT – the most advanced IT platform for rail vehicles in the industry. Make the move to Digital Train Solutions, and connect your Train IT powered vehicle to our powerful Railigent platform to benefit from Siemens Mobility’s Seamless IT Solutions.
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Optimize your operations – with Train IT services and applications

Get your trains ready for the digital world: The Train IT platform is powerful, secure and easy to manage.

Our reliable platform: a powerful base system with a robust architecture, optimized applications, and a thorough protection against cyber attacks.

Key features

  • All applications controlled by a shared, high-performance base system
  • Central hub for diagnostic data and IT services - based on standardized, modular state-of-the-art software components
  • Self-healing functions that detect abnormal behavior and restart automatically in case of failure, or switch over to a backup system


  • Rely on a proven, industry leading IT infrastructure, with updates available via service contract
  • High availability and reliability thanks to redundancy and self-healing functions
  • Access Train IT' s rich set of core functions and interfaces for fast and easy integration of third-party applications
  • Optimize the passenger experience and energy usage with Remote Configuration
  • Deploy new software remotely and minimize maintenance downtimes with Remote Software Updates

Connect. Upgrade. Expand. We have designed a flexible, robust, and secure network for 21st century trains – so that the capabilities of your vehicles can grow with your needs.


Key features

  • Built-in redundancy for high availability
  • Optimized network performance and increased security through separate virtual networks for each subsystem
  • Monitoring of device status, availability and performance
  • Lean system design with central network services
  • High availability and reliability
  • Save space, weight, and maintenance effort thanks to an optimized network design
  • Increased security through separate virtual networks for each subsystem
  • Service access protected by strong authentication mechanisms

Receive diagnostic data in real time. Stream live CCTV feeds. Adjust train settings during the journey. Maximize your possibilities – with Train2Ground, the robust and secure connection between trains and wayside operations center.


Key features

  • Native Train IT & Railigent integration
  • Demand-oriented prioritization of multiple data services: e.g. streaming, remote commands, telemetry data, file transfer
  • Network agnostic: works with any modern IP-based wireless network, such as 4G, 5G or WiFi
  • State-of-the-art security: data transmission protected by current VPN technology
  • Based on IEC 61375-2-6 (for the communication between onboard and ground systems)


  • Receive live data streams from your trains, and transfer remote commands to your fleet
  • Always make the best use of available bandwidth
  • Use the unified Train2Ground interface to connect your wayside systems with your fleet
  • Benefit from a scalable and flexible system that supports both large and small fleets
  • Recover from interruptions automatically thanks to automatic radio selection and fast, reliable reconnection mechanism

Supervise your fleet and support your train crews with CCTV. Use live video streams from your trains to make rapid, informed decisions. And if anything goes wrong, alert security staff in seconds and minimize disruptions to your operations.


Key features

  • Video including pre- and post-alarm recordings,  in strict compliance with your country´s data protection laws.
  • Up to 4 simultaneous live video streams to the wayside operations center per train, transmitted in high definition
  • Operation via remote control or touch display
  • Embedded video metadata enables fast searching and efficient analysis
  • Activate and deactivate recording depending on train mode


  • Monitor from the wayside what is currently happening on your trains, and watch live videos from specific coaches and cameras
  • See what happened right before and just after an alarm was triggered – e.g. activation of the emergency brake
  • Protect parked trains with peripheral monitoring and intrusion detection
  • Stay in compliance with data protection laws, as your CCTV system automatically adapts to the train´s operating mode – for example, by turning off the recording when the trains are being cleaned

Accurate information about your passenger numbers: The Siemens Mobility passenger counting solution delivers up-to-date, reliable data in standard formats for flexible processing. Fulfil your contractual obligations effortlessly, and use data to better meet the needs of your passengers.


Key features

  • Up to 99% accuracy
  • Transfer of rich, fine-grained counting data from stations and individual doors after each stop, or at configurable intervals
  • Video records of counting area to perform counting checks
  • Various data formats available, tamper proof thanks to cryptographic signatures 


  • Get highly accurate, reliable counting data, prepared for passenger mileage calculations
  • Rich data set includes information on journeys, mileage, stations and individual doors
  • Gain deeper insights on passenger numbers and types: adults, children, bicycle, wheelchairs and prams

The Security Gateway is a next-generation firewall (NGFW) that separates the Train Control Network (TCN) from the Train Operator Network (TON). It restrictively filters and monitors the communication between both networks and guarantees that the safety critical services and functions in the TCN cannot be disturbed by malfunctions in the TON or threats originating from the TON.


Key features of Security Gateway

  • Application Layer Gateway: Application-level filtering of communication using Deep Packet Inspection
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System: In-line monitoring of communication for attack patterns, for alerting and the ability to drop packets in-line.
  • Secure, certificate-based service access to the TCN based on reverse authentication proxy technology for HTTPS-based service and OpenVPN for other service tools
  • Security logging, with export possibility (compliant with IEC 62443-4-2)
  • Seamless integration with on-train IT systems including software update and diagnostics mechanisms
  • Can be deployed redundantly for maximum availability, and retrofitted into existing vehicles

Customer Benefits

  • Network and application-level separation of the TCN from the TON allows efficient security management of threats and risks.
  • It also makes it possible to deploy frequent updates to TON systems without impacting safety and therefore eases homologation.
  • SMO Rolling Stock supports operators in fulfilling their legal obligations regarding cybersecurity. The Security Gateway is developed by SMO Rolling Stock using a secure development process. Both the process and the device are certified by TÜV SÜD according to IEC 62443-4-1 & 4-2.
  • Intrusion detection and security logging enable the vehicle´s integration into the operator´s cybersecurity monitoring solution.
  • Ability to enforce security policies depending on the state of the train, e.g., by allowing service access only in pre-defined train modes.
  • The Application Layer Gateway and Intrusion Prevention System reduce the attack surface of the TCN  and protect the TCN from attacks.
  • Easy and efficient maintenance thanks to full integration with on-train IT systems.



Cyber Security for rail

The faster digitization progresses, the more opportunities open up. But the many benefits of IT systems also come with an increased risk of cyber attacks. Protecting sensitive data and business processes against illicit access and attacks is more crucial than ever. That's why Siemens Mobility is committed to securing complex transport systems. We are with you all the way.


Digital Services

Whether it involves guaranteed availability, maximized throughput, or the implementation of new business models, Digital Services from Siemens Mobility Services provides you with the key. From sensor technology to intelligent algorithms and precise analytics, we offer a complete foundation for optimized operation – further supported by the decades of practical experience of our experts in rail service

Learn about Digital Train Solutions

Digital Train Solutions from Siemens Mobility use secure and seamless IT solutions to create more value for passengers, operators and maintainers.


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