High-speed and intercity trains

Heroes of high speed

Mobility is in a constant state of flux. Long-term trends are juxtaposed against short-term challenges – and mobility providers must be prepared for both. What they need: outstanding technology that makes the difference. We focus on leading in technology. And our high-speed trains prove that every day. By delivering energy savings via innovations never thought possible. With their impressively modern and maintenance-friendly concepts. As true everyday heroes, they give their all for our customers and their passengers – and in doing so, improve the everyday lives of operators and passengers alike. 

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Our heroes at a glance

A technological visionary, the Rethinker leads high-speed transport into a sustainable future.

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Strengthens German rail transport – quickly and reliably

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Keeps its cool – no matter how extreme the temperatures are. 

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Image of the Velaro TR from Siemens Mobility in diagonal view and slight motion blur driving through a Turkish landscape.

Meets passengers’ every wish and creates a modern travel experience at the highest level.

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Our platforms and vehicle concepts at a glance

The mission

Total commitment to reliable high-speed transportation

As a technology leader, we support mobility providers with solutions for meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow. Led by the innovative Velaro Novo, our team of high-speed trains is ready to provide you with more sustainable, passenger friendly and economical high-speed transport. In doing so, they not only deliver sheer power and speed but also offer smart, forward-looking innovations.

Our high-speed heroes stand for …

The high-speed trains

Our heroes in detail

Each of our high-speed heroes has a special talent that they bring to respective customers and applications. Get to know our high-speed trains here.

The innovator

The 21st century is bringing on rapid change – and new approaches to advance mobility are needed. This is a job for our Velaro Novo. With the help of numerous innovations, it ushers in a new era of high-speed transport. Fast, smart and full of ideas: it offers the right solution for any situation, no matter how challenging it is. Its mission: to help operators worldwide master the future of high-speed transport. 

The unshakeable one

Hostile temperatures, endless expanses: Russia is a tough place for high-speed trains. In this bleak Russian landscape, our Velaro RUS makes its rounds. Thanks to its many innovations, it can withstand the harshest conditions. Its mission: to reliably transport its passengers to their destinations even in icy winters and bone-dry summers.

The sustainable one

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time – and a modal shift from road to rail is one way to fight it. But how can this be achieved quickly? The Velaro MS is built precisely for this challenge. Breathtakingly fast as well as heroically efficient and environmentally compatible: it is a key pillar of sustainable high-speed transport. Its mission: to hasten this modal shift and strengthen rail transport within Germany.

The passengers’ favorite

The demands placed on modern high-speed transport are constantly growing. Passengers want more comfort and more entertainment. This is a task for Velaro Turkey. It transforms every journey into an extraordinary experience thanks to modern communication systems and numerous customer-specific solutions. One such solution is the spacious onboard bistro area designed according to Turkish standards. Its mission: to provide passengers with a modern, individualized travel experience at the highest level.

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Impressively extraordinary high-speed trains

Combining innovation, eco-friendliness, ease of maintenance and modularity: our high-speed and intercity transport platforms are there for you with their special talents.